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Lens Lusted: 85, 180, Sig 24, AF-S 18-70

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by dCap, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. I joined the YellowSide with a D200 + AF 50/1.8 on 13-Jul-07. Here is what happened next.

    24: I then got a little stuck wanting the Nik 20/2.8 but not enjoying the reviews. So I bought in an old freind instead: The Sig EX DG 24/1.8, a lens I had before, and I mut say its a joy to have it back. I'm still a little gutted that the Nik 20 that I had my eye on got such a bad press on dSLR. And I wasn't ready to go manual focus just yet for the older lenses. I will probably one day get the Nik 20/2.8 just to kill the curiosity.

    85: the 85/1.8 was one of the big pulls into Nikon for me, and its a great little lens, not used it enough yet it got over shadowed already by the 180 due to a trip away. But this will be the portrait lens.

    180: WOW! What a great bit of kit hey. This was Mr Candid at a recent few days away. My previous tele was a Minolta 300/2.8 APO G (dedicated to wildlife) ... so the size drop to this 180 is such a relief. And its targeted for 'tele' stuff in general rather than deer stalking.

    Then I visited Grays of Westminster in London ... and handled two MF lenses 50/1.2 and 600/5.6 ... so there are ideas for the future! Perhaps a 35/1.4?

    That triplet (24/85/180) joined me in Rome last weekend for a 4 day mini-break, and helped get my frame counter to show 3,200 and something, and its only like 3 weeks old, I hope its ready to hit 50k images a year? I only normally shoot about 12k a year! So, yeah, "I'm lovin' it!" I probably shot 49% 24mm, 49% 180mm ... and some with the 85, only because I got into candid and building mode, so I could really have left the 85 at home.

    D200 - perfect camera. Perfect tool. So quick to use and change the settings. I pretty well live in A mode, but go M sometimes too. I just love the way I can change the other settings on the camera all from buttons and swtiches. Into higher fps, into mf, into af-c, into spot, so quick.

    18-70: this one, I just eBay'd today. I currently have a Olympus E-400 and 14-42, but wanted to replace it with a Nikon walk about Zoom. I don't do zooms very often, so was ready for a cheap one but a good one. And this one seems to have the balance. Sure the 17-55 and 12-24 and VR 70-200 are the headline grabbers ... but none of them tick all the boxes I needed. Something I can just use as a walk about, I'm expecting it to be very good but not prime like. And for that reason I think the price was perfect. UK price is £299 new, but good old eBay brings it to me for £135. I am still toying with the idea of adding a D80 and this might be the pair. Then at some shoots I can be D80+18-70, plus D200+180.

    So .... thank you all for letting me lurk, I've been reading some old threads that have really helped me get into Nikon and already know which optics to go for. Now I can join the forum properly and pop in the occasional image and help others out.

    What next. Well, I have my eye on these:
    Tok 17/3.5, Nik 35/2 (to give me a 17/35/85 small travel triplet) ... leaves the 24/180 for bigger bag stuff
    Tok 10-17 is interesting and might replace my Sony α100 and 16 FishEye ... but I'm ready for a FishEye rest, The 10.5 is the other option. But you'll see that I don't like overlap or repeats. I can actually spend days at a time with just one prime. But prefer to move about with 2-3 primes.

    Really looking forward to getting the 18-70 zoom though. And the MB-D200 that I also flicked the eBay switch on today.

    D200: 24/50/85/180 + 18-70 ... neat huh!

    If anything, the 50/1.8 might get ignored. Its the small option. And if I get the 35/2 then I'll sell the 50 becuase it just won't fit anymore. We'll see.

    Lens Lust - what a cool name for a forum!
  2. Ohhhh... Enjoy that 180! Glad you're having so much fun! You'll like that MB-D200, It will make the camera much more substantial when you want it, as well as reducing the worry about battery fade.

  3. Dayo


    May 1, 2006

    Welcome aboard.

    Quite a few Minoltans decided to jump off the Sony boat mainly for the D200.

    I wonder if you still maintain your KM Lens database or have you passed it on to the folks at Dyxum?
  4. Ta, I've frozen the old db back in Dec-06, but I've got a Minolta buddy who updates me with price, so its a simple 10 min job once a month now.

    Shudder at the thought of Sony a10 price point, my money is on 2x the price of the D200. For no reason whatever. Anyways, that aint no flame bait. Just the reason I dumped Sony. Price.

    We have like waaaaaaay too much choice in Nikon lenses!:eek: 
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