Lens soft on one side, sharp on the other

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  1. Anyone else ever experience this? When I fill my frame with subject at 2000mm on my 80-200 AF-D, one side of the focus point is soft and one sharp. Now I am not talking about front or back focus, this is left side and right side when shooting regular horizontally.

    Testing this, I can shoot a brick wall head on, square to my camera..no angle. Any F-stop.

  2. Sounds like one of your lens elements or an elements group got tilted/misaligned.
    Are you still within the warranty period?
  3. Thanks Glenn. Actually, I have been very lucky making a nice contact at Nikon. They have never charged me yet for anything, warranty or not.

    Must be my good looks:cool:

  4. I'd definitely bring it in. That should not happen
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    It's called a decentered lens and it is very common.
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    2000mm? I think the problem may be with your 10x teleconverter :wink:

    What version of the 80-200 is this? I had purchased a brand new 80-200 from a local store (2 ring AF-D) and it was horribly soft over 150mm at any F-stop. They disagreed but it was plainly obvious. I didn't want to risk sending it to Nikon and them telling me it was "normal" and getting stuck with a $900 lens that shot like a Holga so I returned it and picked up a 70-200.

    I previously had the newest push/pull version and it was STUNNING at any focal length. I just don't think the build quality of the 80-200 "D" is what it should be. For a "pro" lens the quality seems awfully spotty from my experience and what I have read online.
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    i tend to agree. but even a subtle bump of the lens can knock it out of whack:eek:
  8. Thanks all.......

    Guess I will upload a couple of images to Nikon. Hopefully, there won't be a need to send in my new D3 also? I don't see this problem with my other lenses.