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Let me know what you think

Discussion in 'People' started by mike mac, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. I apoligize as these have been posted in a series on the sports forum, but want to get your thoughts. I am tryiong to come up wiht a differnet/new looks for sports action portraits. Let me know what you think about these conversions trying to get an older look and feel to these.
  2. Mike, I personally like the second image quite a lot. I would suspect this would be a big seller. The first appears a bit dark on the face to me, but would also work well with the same sepia tone if given the same treatment as the 2nd. Just one guy's opinion.
  3. I like them both (as a photographer and as mother :smile:) . My one question is "did you dodge the boy's right eye in #2?" It looks like it took one too many clicks.....it's lighter in tone than his left, which could happen if the light were strongly direction, but there are no facial shadows to indicate the same.....so it looks out of place to me.
  4. I like the treatment, it's just a tad too green for my tastes. I do a lot of antique portraits, and this one would be excellent if it were more on the warm side of sepia rather than the green side. (especially the second one)
  5. Thanks all for the comments any type of color conversion is always a difficult challenge for me
  6. I like the images a lot Mike but I am not fond of the yellow/green color.
  7. Mike,

    I like the treatment of the second image.

    I also tried an approach for achieving that old-time look. I only use PSE5, so this approach is very basic.

    I simply duplicate the original color layer and then convert the duplicate layer to B&W. I then change the opacity of the B&W layer--reducing it until there is just enough color to achieve a desaturated old-time feel.

    Here's are two examples of this particular technique:

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    I apologize if this posting is moving the thread off on a tangent. But, since it is about creating an old-time feel, I thought I would offer it up for consideration.

  8. MurphyD


    Jan 17, 2007
    South Texas
    I think the last one is just super. I can't think of any parent who would not cherish it.
  9. glewis1


    Aug 24, 2008
    Rochester, NY
    second pic of the football player is amazing!! I never going to feel comfortable posting pics of mine on this forum when amazing pics like these are floating around!!!
  10. papa85

    papa85 Guest

    Glen, the 2ed is a awesome image.. Very well done my friend. More please.

    Mike I to find the tint is a little distracting but the captures are top notch.
  11. avyoung


    Dec 17, 2007
    Mike I love #2!
    Glen, does desaturating the image alone not create the same look as the method you described?
  12. Alan,

    I haven't tried that even more simplified approach. But, I suspect it would create the same look. I'll try it next time.

  13. Both are super.Only they are the opposite of each other.#1 is a a sweet innocent baseball playing kid.While #2 is a football playing kid that have 3 baseball players for breakfast.I think #2 is best.The greenish color gives him just that more agressive Hulk attitude.
  14. I like the idea. While the colour gradient looks ok in #1, I find the gradient right in the face of #2 a bit distracting. If you want to keep that gradient I would try to make it more subtle and/or stretch it to be not that noticable, especially in the face. Maybe even desaturate the colour a bit more to achieve that.
    Apart from that I like them, but (probably due to the pronounced colour gradient in the face of #2) I like #1 better than #2.
  15. #2 is killer Mike!! To make then look old, why not add a little noise to them?
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