lets see some 300 2.8 afs images

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  1. I just bought one....It will be delivered to me next Sunday. I cant wait. So show me some pics of what this lens can do!!!:eek:
  2. cmon.....none.......you party poopers
  3. I do not own one but look at some of the heron shots from the Alabama special session
  4. So what version did you get?
  5. I got the AFS M1. The guy I purchased it from is switching to the other side.
    his loss......my gain
  6. here it is. I wanted the converter but it got sold to someone else

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    Oct 7, 2006


    add a few more later. I rented one of thee babies for this game this weekend, I really wish I owned it. Eventually.
  8. Mitchell,

    You are going to love this lens.

    Here is one from this years Paris-Nice Cycle Race:

    D2Hs, 300mm afs f2.8, iso 400, 1/8000th, f2.8

  9. I borrowed one from Giorgio (Gogo) in December at the Wolf Conservation Center. It was love at first sight (with the lens that is :biggrin: ). Here are a couple taken with it:


  10. great stuff folks...woohoo
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  12. some from the 300AF-I F2.8.





  13. Moderators, please stop this thread. Very provocative images. Might break my family. :rolleyes:
  14. Not sports since I know that's your bag Mitchell, but here's some furry and featheries =)



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    Here's some from the Grandaddy of the 300AFSVR

    300EDIF 2.8