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Jul 28, 2006
Paris, France
I just got mine all up and running. Got a ton of help from the folks at Infixium webdesign, they were able to create exactly what I wanted for a reasonable price.

Seems like they used squarespace (the address http://christopherculler.squarespace.com/ proves it) just like I did for , so I wonder why you didn't do it yourself instead of paying a middleman :confused:

Even Infixium uses squarespace, kind of weird for a web design company if you ask me …
Aug 12, 2008
.... I wonder why you didn't do it yourself instead of paying a middleman :confused:
I used them for two reasons: One, I honestly didn't know that squarespace offered free templates for what I needed. I had been looking at places like bludomain.com with paid templates (with mixed reviews). But chiefly, I used Infixium because I gave them a general idea of what I wanted, and then I didn't have to do a darn thing until it came time to pay them. I have wayyy too much on my plate right now to be dinking around with getting things exactly how I wanted. They did all the hard work, finessed the code, made the page work, and I still got my full 4 hours of sleep every night. :biggrin:

*sigh* I only wish the 4 hours thing was an exaggeration. I need a vacation.

In other news, some of these sites are lookin' NICE!!!
Apr 20, 2006
New York

You've got a bad link on the Links page.... some of the HTML is showing through as text in one of the links and another link is just text rather than a link.
Very thorough, off to fix it!

About using tear sheets, I only show recent published work.

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