Life as a young apprentice

Jun 12, 2007
For me that was way back in 1960 at the age of 15. Managed to get an apprenticeship as an Electrician and did the 5 years stint. So I got to thinking how things have changed. I well remember having to thread and bend 1 inch metal conduits (tubes) in the snow and freezing cold on a farm that had a new dutch barn just built and only 16 years old. Or another time having to hold the same in bundles being lifted in a tower crane bucket to the third floor of a new office block, the crane driver thought it funny to make the bucket swing. then again at 17 years old having just past my driving test having to take a firms mini bus right across London.

Back then it was a 5 day 60 hour week for a pay of £2 and 10 shillings as it is now, if you had to get lodgings then another £3 and 15 shillings (£5 .75p in todays money). no safety on building sites, lift shafts with no guards around the empty shaft. Not only that but being at everyones beck and call no matter the trade, you were an apprentice starting out to fetch and carry for all.

Compared with today they are wrapped in cotton wool with health and safety drummed into them and so called "qualified" after 6 months. how times have changed
Dec 31, 2020
Wales u k
I agree I did 4 years as a bricklayer apprentice, no health and safety then no scaffold, working off a few planks balanced off anything we could find haha, and bags of cement were 50 kg not 25 kg like now.

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