Light and shadows aka off-challenge #8

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  1. Don't know exactly in what category to put this. This was taken late afternoon, in last April. It is from a statue dedicated to Louis Braille along a path that leads to the Nazareth Institue for the Blinds.
    This is a scan (CoolScan IV ED) from a Kodak Portra 400 B&W. Lens is a fixed Nikkor 20mm, the camera is a F/N80. Probabaly in the order of a f16 or f22. The film was underexposed by one stop on purpose, to test its flexibility. That is why it looks so contrasty - I hade to burn in the too thin shadows.
    I reworked this one with Challenge # 8 in mind, but it did not respect the challenge conditions.
  2. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Nice Christian. That 20mm really shines as an ultrawide!

    Whatdya mean? Just look at the EXI... uh, nevermind. ;)
  3. Christian the place where you took that picture seem to be outside the métro station in Longueil, the contrast is good, the tone seem appropriate to reflect the mood that the subject represent.
  4. It does. Working in ultra-wide angle and on B&W film brings out a distinct worldview. It may be 5% of my shots, but I wouldn't let it go.
  5. Thank you Gilles. That's it, at the Longueuil Metro station. As for the match with the theme, so I tought too. Having the sun directly into the eyes forces one to close them and enter the world of shadows.
    Ne dit-on pas que le soleil dans les yeux nous "aveugle" ?
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