Light monopod or tripod for upgrading a cheap tripod?

Good day,

I think this subject has probably been discussed to the death many times so excuse my ignorance.

I have a tripod which is med for EF cameras like my canon powershot 3 IS. It was sturdy enough to support my Canon Powershoot 3 IS. But after a near death experience for my Nikon D80 that it got a scar from. I was shooting a brook/rivulet and had my mega small tripod and the tripod tipped over because the weight from the camera and hit a rock. I managed to save camera just before it went into to the water, which thank my old martial art ninja reflexes for ;-).

The key issue to upgrading my tripod is weight and price. I often as non-car car owner walk around 10-15km/6-10 miles on a photosession. So the weight add up. Also my budget right now is in 300-400 dollar which can spend on a tripod or monopod

I was thinking off perhaps a monopod for maybe a lighter version. But dont know how it will perform for my longer exposures that can be 1-4 seconds. Also if want sturdier tripod with acceptable viewing height as shoot alot of architecture, so the height is always is important as everything that can get me to have lesser perspective distortion is great.

But I quite new to the whole photography hobbey, so maybe their arnt tripods that can both light, sturdy and relative cheap.

I feel at the moment after my scary experience with other tripod I havnt dared to take night shoots. Also I just worry about their arnt options for walkaholics like me. If you dont want mimic my old military experience and carry around 15kg/30 pounds of equipment. Right now I am around 5 kilos/11 pounds when walkaround, which doesnt bother me.

Sorry for my long post, I just wanted be sure that I covered all things.

Thanks in advance and Cheers,
Daniel Sunebring
gitzo carbon fibre tripods are very light. You might be able to find an older model like a 1228 or 1227 which would more than cover your needs. the difference between the two are just that the 1228 can collapse to a smaller size.
Some people have also spoken highly of their clones, Benro which you can find on ebay

Its better to start off with something good rather than upgrade a little while later. also Gitzos do not loose their value that quickly...
I suggest Feisol; it's made in Asia and is (arguably) equivalent in quality to Gitzo but significantly less. Greyflash (Gordon) ownes one and he uses it for portrait work. You might pm him and inquire.



I agree look up Feisol, excellent quality. Much less expensive than Gitzo.

Now have some study to do. As I really miss a tripod. It is scary when you are to scared to use your tripod. Havnt been able to make some shoots.

Thanks all. Nice their are some knock offs. As I rather spend my money on new lenses ;-). But a decent tripod will probably add alot, it sure did to my old canon powershoot IS.

Seems to be nice if get some carry system.

I've been looking for a good tripod that won't break the bank as well and it looks like Feisol and Benro are the best bets.
My local dealer have all from Induro to Gitzo. So I think I will go their and feel them a bit. I was out shooting yesterday with my instable tripod. I had some wheat bags that use for sour muscles. I weighted down the camera. But it was scary experience. But after load the photos into the computer I just realise how much a tripod does. Especially for me that normally stop down my lens so shutterspeeds are slow.

It was like sharpen upgrade. I guess I did the newbie mistake like the newbie I am. I read all over internet of the photographer that leaves tips that good tripod is almost more important then a good lens. Still I just ignore it ;-)

I guess lesson is taught.

Your input has been most useful. Now I know what brands I shall look on.


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