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light weight lens kit for D3 - unconventional ideas

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by TerribleTwins, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. posted a thread on this earlier & got some useful feedback - but want to explore this a little bit further.

    A conventional (at least for me) answer would be:

    a) 28-105
    b) 70-300 VR

    There are however a couple of things potentialy wrong with these (again from my point of view & its not the quality of the lenses)

    1) There is the potential for these to become first choice in my bag rather than my existing lenses & I like my existing lenses - just not the weight at times:biggrin:

    2) They are zooms. Nothing wrong with that - I have used zooms almost exclusively all my photographic life, it's just that if I keep using zooms, I am not going to learn how to use fixed focal lengths & all the discipline / creativity that using these can bring.

    So my unconventional (for me) idea is as follows:

    a) Wide angle prime (24?)
    b) 180 prime - Voigtlander SL APO F4 (if I can get one)

    Logic (bearing in mind that this s primarily for travelling when I can't or don't want to take the full set) being as follows:

    If I really need wide then I take the 17-35, 50mm & the 180
    If I need mid range then 24, 35-70 & the 180
    If I am shooting Action then the 24, 50 & 70-200
    or if I really want a challenge then the 24, 50 & 180.

    So would appreciate any thoughts / comments on the above, plus suggestions for the primes - they can be either MF or AF

    wide angle - is 24 the right focal length - is the Nikkor 24 F2.8D the correct lens?

    180 - Prime - went with the voigtlander over the Nikkor for a couple of reasons - cost (359 according to B&H - I can't seem to find a Nikkor 180 2.8 for less than 450 on the used market) and weight ---oh & I've seen the photo's that Paul Lindquist has posted with this lens:biggrin:

    Seriously - any other options thoughts / combinations appreciated.
  2. cotdt


    Jul 14, 2007
    Bay Area, USA
    the 35/2 is small, as is the 50/1.8, and the Sigma 24/2.8 (better and smaller than the nikkor version).

    nikon also makes a pancake lens.
  3. Thanks - will check out the sigma - I have the nikkor 50 1.4 already. I think the 35 F2 may not be wide enough.
  4. ora-et-labora


    Mar 15, 2008
    If MF isn't an issue, try the 28/2 AIS. People say it's a great lens, and it offers an additional stop. But the AFD 24/2.8 is not that bad, I used it on my D80 as my standard travel walkaround lens (= compares to the 35 on your D3) until I got the Zeiss 25 (which would be also a GREAT choice - however, it's not that light than the 24 from Nikon or Sigma). With the Sigma, I found the AF is really loud - optics are fine.
  5. Markus.
    Thanks for the info - I would like to consider the Zeiss, but it is a little out of the price range at the moment.

    Thought about the 28/2, but wasn't sure if it was wide enough - thats why I'm thinking about a 24.
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