Lighting a reflective surface

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  1. I tried lighting a reflective Surface today. Like glass or metal.....

    Ended up using white background, SB800 fired into my 60x60cm softbox from 90° left.

    Does it work, I dunno how to make it different without a whole light tent?


    C&C appreciated​
  2. gvk


    Jun 17, 2005
    Mystic, CT
    The angle of illumination from your softbox resulted in a large rectangular direct reflection off the left side of the glass.

    A classic technique for photographing glassware is called bright field illumination. Basically diffused light from behind the glass object is used to delineate the edges of the glass as darker shadows against the bright background. Masking the background in black outside of the frame prevents direct reflections off the glass surfaces from reaching the lens. This technique prevents, or at least minimizes, large highlight reflections as in your shot.

    Bright field lighting, and the alternative technique, dark field illumination, are described in detail in Light: Science and Magic by Hunter and Faqua.
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