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Lighting Help....PLEASE!!!!

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Retief, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Well, those of you who have seen my stuff over the past months and years probably have noticed that most is "available light". I have the opportunity next week to do the Team and Incdvidual pictures for our new local Pro Indoor Football league team, the Everett Hawks. We were supposed to do this last Tuesday night, but luckily for me all the uniforms didn't show up on time. This ain't NFL type budgets don't you know.

    So, I get to the field which is basically carpet laid over a hockey rink. No risers, the owner of the team wants the team to be sitting in the stands. I am going to have somewhere between 30-50 people total if all the cheer-leaders and coaches show up. My "normal" lighting setup is my SB-800 on the camera or connected via cord to a flash bracket. 2 SB-26's bounced into umbrellas. I set this up pointed at the stands and to be quite frank I got better images without the flash at ISO 800, 1/50, f2.8.

    So, given that I have until next week I plan to go to our local Pro Lighting place and rent some lights. Question is, what to get? Do I get a couple of mondo 1200 watt Daylight balance HMI's or am I better off with strobes? My thought is to go with the HMI's, as then I am looking at what I am shooting all the time and the balance might be easier. I also think that setup will be easier as I don't have to worry about remotes and power packs. Also, given that I expect this to take up 5 or 6 rows in the stands, any thoughts on how high the lights should be? Should I also get a platform so that the camera location is at about mid-height, rather than shooting up from the floor? Man, I wish I could get in there and do a day or 3 of testing.

    So, for all of you folks who really do know, unlike me, what you are doing in this area, I'm all ears. For the Individuals my "mini-setup" will be fine. By the way, Sam Adams of the Buffalo Bills, former Seattle Seahawk, owns the team. He is a REALLY big guy and I don't want him angry with me...
  2. mrdinh


    Mar 8, 2005
    North Dakota
    bill, rent the profoto monolights from glazers...i think to should be enough...easy setup...its indoors right?...you have access to power?

    please share your results...

  3. Phat, it is indoors unless I can talk them into wating for a sunny day and doing it in front of the even center. Depending on when we can get a date to do this, I'm also playing to pick the brains of the guys at Glazers Lighting for suggestion. I have used Hotlights before and like the continuous aspect, but boy do those buggers get HOT :!: , and they suck power as well. We should have plenty of power in either case, although I would like to alert the Event Center as to what we need beforehand. I hate it when circuit breakers start shutting down as soon as you turn on the lights. I'll definitely let you know how it goes, want to come along and help?????
  4. mrdinh


    Mar 8, 2005
    North Dakota
    good luck...let me know if i can help
  5. Hi Bill,

    I'm not sure what to suggest to you but I would say if you are planning on using the lighting again in the future, I recommend the strobes and a light meter for the most accurate results. If this is a one time tthing then you should go for the HMI's.

    As for the group being far up 5 or 6 rows, you will have to get some powerful lighting depending how big the area is and as for remotes, you don't need them if you use strobes. Just attach your SB-800 to the camera and point it to the side and when the SB goes off, then the strobes will follow the SB flash. This will save you some money not having to buy remotes to set the strobes off. This is a trick I learned.

    Granted that strobes are more of a pain to setup, I think they are worth it. You might also need some umbrellas and other things I could tell about but it all depends on what you want to put into this and how much money you want to invest in this project but it sounds like you found an inexpensive idea.

    I hope this info helps you,
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