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Lightroom 1.1 Questions

Discussion in 'Adobe Processing Products' started by Kiwi Geoff, Jun 28, 2007.

  1. To make it easy to follow can all queries about v1.1 be posted here please and I'll do my best to respond.
    I am in a time zone of GMT + 12hrs so I may be asleep (yes I do that when not watching the Americas Cup) and may not respond immediately - I do work too!!:wink:
    Thanks for you co-operation.:smile:
  2. Julien


    Jul 28, 2006
    Paris, France
    No questions now ,but I must say that the minors modifications are a treat ! Sharpening is better and the Clarity slider is great so far ! I'm happy I went down the Lightroom road :cool: 
  3. hahnphoto


    May 21, 2007
    saving files

    I have a question! I've had this question with previous versions of lightoom too but never had a chance to ask yet.

    I'm doing something wrong with the way I save my files. The original files are RAW, and I need to convert to jpeg. My problem is this... I'm saving at highest quality (100) with at least 500 pixels per inch, and the resulting images are very poor quality. I can't even print an 8x10 from them.

    I know we are given three options for Color Space- sRGB, Adobe RGB, and Pro Photo RGB. Which should I choose? I've been using sRGB.

    Also, should I check "Minimize embedded metadata"? I believe that was checked.

    Should I check "constrain maximum size? I believe that was checked.

    Thanks for your help!
  4. First, can you detail what you wish to achieve at the end, why are you going to jpeg and for what purpose?
  5. Nice to hear Julien. Do the new catalogs work for you?:smile:
  6. hahnphoto


    May 21, 2007
    Well, I need to save them as something my lab will accept. (Millers). I didn't think they would accept raw. I shoot weddings and tweak almost all the proofs, need to save the edits for several purposes- use for the client's album (big layout spreads), reprint orders (sometimes BIG reprints), some clients oredr a high res CD of the edited images (jpegs are most widely used photo format). Then there are my uses, putting the images online on the client's website, sometimes putting on my site, making large sample prints for bridal shops and bridal shows, etc etc... lots of uses for the edited files. I don't want to have to go back and re-edit from the original file if I want to use something.
  7. billg71


    May 4, 2007
    Atlanta, GA

    I don't think you want to be using "Constrain Maximum Size" unless you're creating an image for the web and want to limit size to 800x600, 1024x768, etc.. I just converted an .nef twice, once with resolution at 300ppi and again at 500ppi, both looked very good. The 300ppi version gave me the same native size as the original .nef, 8.6x12.9 inches. The 500ppi gave me a smaller size, 5.2x7.7 inches. Both files were 6.3 Mb in size.

    Converting the image a third time using Constrain Maximum Size and using 1000 pixels for the width, I got a much smaller file(435 Kb) and a native size of 2.3x3.3 inches. The image has nowhere near the detail and resolution of the original or the first two exports.

    All exports were done at 100% quality, sRGB color profile.

    If you're resizing to print, most printers do best resized to a ppi that is some multiple of their print resolution. For my HP, I use 300ppi for printing, for an Epson I think the recommendation is 240. If you're sending it out to print, find out from the lab what they prefer/require for resolution and color profile.

    Hope this helps.

  8. hahnphoto


    May 21, 2007
    Makes sense, that was probably where I went wrong. When I noticed the problem I tried increasing the resolution to more pixels per inch (thinking higher resolution=better quality), but in your example that would make things worse. Thanks for the help. I'll give it a try today!
  9. hahnphoto


    May 21, 2007
    What file type SHOULD I be saving them as? Is it best to covert to jpeg since that is most widely used? I just noticed you can save as "original" so I guess I could keep it RAW. I'm almost leaning towards that- maybe keep one folder full of the edited RAW and then one folder with the edits converted to jpeg (for lab uploads, client use, etc). Theres also PSD, TIFF, and DNG which I don't have any real reason to start using (unless you give me one). Any thoughts?
  10. yatesd


    Nov 5, 2006

    I haven't really done too many prints since switching to LR, but since I use a Smugmug account I convert to sRGB on export. I figure the color should work for posting on the web and ordering prints. Originally, I was uploading at 100%, but the file sizes were huge. I since changed back to the default 80% and the file size is much more managable. I would think this would be OK for normal size prints.

    I just checked out www.mpix.com and their FAQ suggested 250dpi and the sRGB color space. Of course, within LR I work with the ProRGB to maximize long-term flexibility, but I believe most printers are limited to sRGB.

    I also just checked out Smugmug's FAQ:

    They also recommend sRGB and have some great info regarding resolution.
  11. sillybgoat

    sillybgoat Guest

    D40X Compatibility

    Any ideas when the Nikon D40X's RAW will be supported?
  12. Heather,

    Now about your requests.
    To begin with you don't need to save as any thing in reality as LR keeps all the info saved for when you want to do something with image files.
    When you want to print or put on the web, you just need to export the files with the LR changes. I make a collection for these purposes so as I can keep track of them.
    When you export, as others have suggested you need only export with the settings you want.
    Probably jpeg, sRGB, 80% quality, 240 or 300 dpi/ppi ( depending on your printers requirements). You probably don't need to constrain size as the lab will do it for you when exporting for prints but you will want to set the size (remember that the dimensions and resolution are linked) for web posting.
    I usually export to a desktop folder and when I have finished with them, sent to lab or posted, I delete the folder as I can just export again if I need to.
    I suggest that you check out with your lab exactly what they want though.
    Hope that helps !!
  13. The D40x is supported by both ACR 4.1 and Lightroom v1.1:smile:
  14. sillybgoat

    sillybgoat Guest

    you are right. YAY!!!!!!! Happy plus
  15. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::wink::wink:
  16. Jon Niola

    Jon Niola Guest

    I notice that 1.1 is quite a bit faster overall. They must have made some big optimizations under the hood.
  17. Is there any way to disable the editing LR does automatically to photos when I import them? Or is that not an editing, but simply a continued loading of the image? I notice once it reaches maximum quality, the image changes shortly after...
  18. Yes,, I believe that you are probably using the preset "none" upon import. This is the ACR/LR default which is not none but a standard for your camera. The preset with no correction is "zeroed" which is a the bottom of the preset list.
    This is a bit perplexing but has been discussed with the team and hopefully will be addressed before too long, however I guess they have some higher priorities at the moment!!

    Enjoy LR !!!:biggrin:
  19. rubbub


    Jun 26, 2006
    Hudson, NH
    Any idea how I can turn on the +/- sign for modified photos in film stripe? It looks like 1.1 gets rid of it. I can still see the sign in library/grid view.
  20. Thanks Geoff! It doesn't make too much sense, but it works, so I'm happy!

    Thanks again.
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