Li'l flower in my garden...

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  1. ...thought this was a nice composition !

    Fuji S2 + Tamron SP90 - 1:125 @ f/22 - ISO 100 - RAW

  2. ...then i went closer...

  3. ...that's when i noticed it was inhabited !

    100 % crop of the full scale RAW !

    (BTW, the bug is also visible on the first pic... i just saw it now :wink: )

  4. But it's more interesting when you see the flower LIFE-SIZE:

  5. Leigh


    Feb 19, 2005
    That's cool...I wouldn't have guesed it was that small had I not seen it hand held. I really like the symmetry in the first shot....makes for nice composition.
  6. Wonderful series of shots Jean-Pierre. What great detail in the first image.
  7. What a lovely shot, Jean-Pierre!!! :D :D :D
  8. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl

    These are teriffic...

    EKKK aphids.

    REally beautiful work.

    Thanks for sharing
  9. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Nice shots Jean-Pierre, and nice little series and narration.

  10. an excellent series and nice details - then seeing the actual size is fascinating!
  11. Wow,

    Jean-Pierre you are making great pictures!

    Do you use a studio setup?

    I think you use a black background, but what lights?

    Would be great to learn fom one another.
  12. The little critter is nowhere to be seen in this shot ;-)

    Great series Jean-Pierre!

  13. Nice shots Jean-Pierre. Looks like an aphid. Its amazing how much detail is retained.

    I too sometimes miss seeing the bugs when I get caught up in composing the shot. Sometimes, however, the bug really can make the picture interesting. Here's a shot of our white lilac I took last year. I didn't even notice the crab spider when I took the shot :) :)


    Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi Dennis ! Thanks for looking... As for your white lilac shot, it's even more "difficult to see this spider on it, as is "melts" very well with the petals...

    PS. I would have tried to lighten a bit the overall pic, but maybe it's my screen ?!?
  15. Hi Michael ! I usually shoot the macros on a "studio" table... I don't use sophisticated lighting, only the on-board flash of the camera (or sometimes an old ring-flash) reduced to the minimum power, to trigger one or 2 wireless slaved flashes ! The background is a piece of mate black material, and i build two L-shaped reflectors out of 100x50 cm. (2'x4' feet) white acrylic. See for a picture of the set-up !
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  16. Hi Jonathan ! As i shot this pics a few minutes after the others, and before i saw the bug, i'm affraid i might have squashed it with my little fingers... :oops: !
  17. Jean-Pierre, i really like your second picture and the softness of the lighting.