Lincoln's Statue in DC

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  1. I am not sure if this is right category in the forum to post this picture. But I considered it as an architecture since I couldn't find other related forum. Please let me know what do you think about this image.
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  2. Very nice composition except that I wish there was a little more space on the left even if you had to sacrifice space on the right. Considering that Lincoln is looking to the camera left, I would prefer more negative space on that side than the right side. The white balance looks way off unless you intentionally made it so as an artistic choice. If that's an issue for you, consider solving it by converting to monochrome.

    I haven't decided whether I like the straight lines and other shapes in the background. They would be relatively easy to eliminate, so my hunch is that you like them.

    When in doubt about the ideal forum, remember that there is always the Miscellany forum.

  3. Hello Mike,
    Thanks for taking your time to reply in detail. I changed the white balance to give little sculpture feeling. I was not sure if I should leave little space on left or not but after your comment, I did leave the space (should I leave little more?) and looks good. The didn't want the background line to be there. In fact, when I saw my final picture on iMAC, it's not there but after your comment, I looked at my Windows computer and I see it. I have corrected the issue. Here is the updated pic.

  4. Update: I changed White Balance little bit and adjusted the cropping to include little more leg parts. I wish I would have captured the whole base. DSC_0200-5.
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  5. I prefer the last one in all respects. Now that I've enjoyed it, consider brightening the face and chest and darkening the stomach so our eye is drawn to Abe's face rather than his torso.
  6. I prefer the last version too. Your framing seems very tight to me at the top, I would like to see some more empty space there if there is any in the original raw file ( I know that you don't use photoshop, that's why I don't recommend to add some black canvas or do some cloning).
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  7. Yeah I wish I had some space at the top in my file. This is pretty much how I shot it. There is little more space on right which I cropped out.

    I tried and here is how it looks.
  8. In this last version, you did more than try; you succeeded! The light now leads my eye to the most important parts of the image. Very well done!

    There are some very inexpensive software programs that will allow you to add more negative space at the top as Binnur suggested. Be sure to keep this image. If you ever get around to licensing one of those programs, be sure to use it to attend to this image to take it yet again to the next level.
  9. Now, I know how all these come automatically to you guys (from experience). I also feel that having negative space on top and little bit more on the left enhance the picture.

    Can it be done in LR? If not, what is alternative and easy tool? For some reason, Photoshop scares me. LOL!

    Thank you both!
  10. Adding the negative space at the top can't be done in Lightroom. I don't know the various software applications on the market well, but I understand that GIMP is free and uses layers. Layers are necessary to add the negative space at the top.

    By the way, the very first release of Photoshop Elements (the light version of the full-blown Photoshop) used layers and made it possible to add the negative space at the top. My point is that you shouldn't have any problem adding it if this image is important enough to you to make that happen.

    Having said all of that, the most important progress you made in the various versions of this image is that controlling the light leads the eye as you, the photographer, want to happen. That's so much more important than any of the technical capabilities of this or that software.
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  11. Thank you! I just noticed you are also from DMV area. I wanted to shoot Great Falls from that bridge but that seems to be close for construction. Have you been to that area recently? I may call them to confirm if they open the bridge to go to overlook.

    Thanks again for taking your time and giving me your valuable inputs.
  12. I don't know what bridge you are referring to, but I went to Great Falls on the Virginia side at sunrise during the height of our cold spell (it was 9 degrees with a -5 degrees wind chill factor) and came up blank. Hoping to photograph the ice, it was covered with the light snow that I thought sure would have been blown off in the wind. My camera battery also died in the cold temperatures.
  13. I am talking about the bridge to go see overlook when you go thru MD area, McArthur Blvd. Yes, it was cold but now I hope it is getting better.
  14. I live in Virginia, so I go to the park only from that side. I didn't realize access in Maryland is temporarily closed.
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  15. Hmm, Thanks again for all your inputs on this thread.
  16. Here is my take on experience, it's in my Café signature: "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience - well, that comes from poor judgment.” ~ A. A. Milne
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  17. There is nothing to be scared of in PS.;) 
  18. Hmm, Thanks again for all your inputs on this thread
    Too much tool and too many features.
  19. Very well said!
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