Little Bird Shots with the D700

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  1. Yes, it's a challenge getting close enough to get a good shot, but it teach one the patience.

    These are all heavy crops: a couple of hummers and some crazy bushtits, who like to hang upside down, like a some Wall Street Bankers.

    I want to thank Andreas Berglund for suggesting this procedure which I attempted to employed with the D700.

    "Don't be afraid to go up to ISO 1000 or even more in good light with the D3. I would suggest up to 1/1600 or even faster for the landing shots, to freeze the bird even more. The way I do that is to turn on Auto ISO, then use Manual exposure to set F8 and the speed I want and then EV comp as needed."

    aka beaucamera

    #1 ISO 5600, 1/2500 sec at f/8

    #2 ISO 2800, 1/2500 sec. at f/8

    #3 ISO 1000, 1/2500 sec at f/8

    #4 ISO 640, 1/2500 sec. at f/8

    #5 ISO 640, 1/2500 sec at f/8

    #6 ISO 800, 1/2500 sec. at f/8
  2. your patience paid off!


    Nov 16, 2007
    Forney, Texas
    Virginia, those are great shots!! Love the hummers. I am trying to plan my lanscape and I love the purple flowers and it seems the birds do to. What is that??
  4. Thanks, Cindy!

    Hi, bear

    The flowers are from Mexican sage plant. I've been re-landscaping too.
    The local nursery tells me that humming birds are attracted to almost any tubular flower. I'm trying to use perennials and natives that attract birds. This takes a little gamesmanship, since I'm also looking for plants that use water sparingly and are deer proof too.:eek:

    aka beaucamera
  5. WOW! Awesome captures....... gotta go look some more! :eek::biggrin:

    Ah, now that I know the plant i have on my wish list is the same as your Mexican Sage, I'm gonna be sure to get some! Nice!!!!!