Little Greens

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  1. Usually these guys are really hard to find in my area. Shy and secretive - I've usually seen them when I am away from where the people are. Imagine my surprise to find a small wetlands less then 5 minutes from my house, sandwiched between a Home Depot and a bike trail. There were at least three Little Green Herons hanging out there, plus a GBH and others. Apparently no one pays any attention to them there.





  2. A rare find. Thanks for sharing this series, well done.
  3. Such a handsome chap!
  4. Well done Fred, the subject, LGH, really pops in each of these images.
  5. Very nice Fred. I always love watching the LGH.
  6. Very nice, 600e?
  7. Great find...nicely done.
  8. Thank you Gordon.

    Why thank you Nick! The bird looks good too. ;)

    Thanks Louie - it was hard to get good bg, as this is a small area, with lots of brush and weeds on the edges.

    They are fun. They can take some patience when they're not moving much. Thanks for the comment.

    Thanks Randy. Yes, this was the E. Amazing how different the balance is with this.

    Thank you Bob.
  9. photogramps

    photogramps Guest

    Lovely images, would love to see some over here. :)

  10. Thanks Roger. Don't worry - you guys have a few birds I wouldn't mind seeing as well.
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