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Little league shots & a request for help

Discussion in 'Sports Photography' started by JMartin, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    A coworker asked me to come out and shoot his two son's baseball games yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn't make it out for the younger son's game at 2pm, but was able to shoot the older son's game at 7pm.

    I knew this would be a difficult game to shoot, I just didn't know how bad it really would be. I realize most of you guys are shooting during the day so light is much less of a problem, but I am curious as to how much you guys are having to crop and what settings you typically use?

    Here are two images from last night, early in the game. These are shot with my D200, 70-200 VR. I tried a few early on the the 1.4TC on and I just couldn't seem to get anything in focus with the TC.


    Notice the lights already on, reflecting off his helmet!

    At the small size, these don't look too shabby, but the full size images look horrible in my opinion and would hate to see what they will look like printed!

    Here is a 100% crop, no PP of the last one I posted:
    This was ISO 400, shutter priority @ 1/250 and to me seems to have a lot more noise than it should.

    From here the night just got worse, as by the end of the evening I was shooting at ISO 1250, +5 EV and even dialing the shutter speed down, which of course then just made everything a blur :confused: 
  2. Joe -

    I shoot during those hours and have produced much worse than these. When it really gets dark, though, on a field with poor lighting you have to keep your shutter speed up and underexpose. Shooting NEF and then adjusting exposure in PP is the best way to do this. Since the D200 (and my D50) aren't champions at high ISO noise, probably an external noise reduction product can help. I use Neat Image which works very well but there are others.
  3. Considering the time you shot at, those are not bad. I am in a little po-dunk town to the north of you. Terrible lighting and I am sure much worst than you see. Even the High School stuff, I will be at 1600 ISO and eventually 250th of a second (which is too slow to freeze fast action). Even then, alot need to be PP and corrected with PS and NI to make them workable. They can be 3 stops underexposed with the lens I have to use. Sure would be nice to shoot during the day, but most sports don't play then. Little Leauge is one saving grace. The day games are great to shoot. Grab yourself a monopod, that will help some.
    Harry, I think the D50 does quite well at high ISO.
  4. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    Thank you guys! As they say, we are our own worst critic and I beat myself up well!

    I actually did bring my monopod, as this was my first game shooting at these fields had no clue what to expect. The fences ended up being too high for me, so I had to stand on a picnic table to shoot over the fences.

    Oh well, practice makes perfect... and I need A LOT more practice!
  5. I am lucky enough to get on the field 90% of the time, but being with the newspaper they will allow me that or atleast they did until they chose to bring in a writer/photographer (Check Jeff M's post). I still will have access to the fields because people know me now and know my work. Don't expect too much at night, fast action freezes will be had to maintain without major CSI PP with the images you take. Of course DST helps too, but that doesn't last forever.
  6. topher04r1

    topher04r1 Guest

    if it makes you feel any better i REALLY like your first shot and i would definately buy it if that was my kid !! you could have cropped it a bit more BUT when your dealing with hi noise like that somtimes cropping less is more if you know what i mean....my best suggestion would be to shoot them raw arround ISO 400 or so and use noise ninja or any other NR program..... you did good ... you really did ...get out there and shoot them some more you can only get better and better !
  7. my 70-200 w/ 1.4 tc acts the same
    i don't use the tc on the 70-200 anymore

    both of the shots u posted are very good
  8. JMartin

    JMartin Guest

    Thanks for the encouragement guys, it truly makes me feel a lot better!

    I posted all the images unprocessed for my friend to view and pick out any images he wants processed. I also may have another parent that was at the game interested in buying some too, so hopefully I was able to get one of their child that is decent!
  9. topher04r1

    topher04r1 Guest

    sounds good !!! if you need any help PP give a shout
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