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Discussion in 'Birds' started by Lou Buscher, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Just a ride into the big town for a Doctor visit and I always have my camera on the seat.
    (8 photos)



  2. 4 This was taken with a flash and a better beamer at 125 feet




  3. Productive Ride I hope the doctors report was as good.
  4. WOW! Lovely photos as always! I got my better beamer today in the mail! Hope your doc report is a good one!
  5. Hey Lou -

    Is that a Pileated woodpecker in #s 2 and 3?

    Great bird (even if my ID is way off - LOL), and fine shots!


  6. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Very nice Lou
    That pileated wood pecker is big, but still secretive
    There is a pair around here is see wiz by now and again..lolol
    The Deer are always beautiful
  7. Thanks Gary, Well it was OK but thats what life is as you get old. Hey I may get lucky again today as I have another Dooctor appointment in the big town:smile: :smile: Thanks for looking.
  8. Thanks Dianne, Yeah it was just OK but thats the way things go. Make sure you read the cautions on that fresnel lens of the beamer as left in the sun they can start a fire. You know you can buy a full size fresnel lens in Barnes and Nobel book store for next to nothing as they are used to lay on a book page and be able to read the fine print. I know guys that have made super beamers from them. Thanks for looking at my photos.
  9. Hi Eric, yes you are correct it is a male pileated as you can see his red Mustache in the first one pretty good. I have a pair by my home and see them regular and this season I will try to find their nest.
  10. Hi Gale, well this one isn't right now anyway. He is banging out his call on this tree as he uses it every year and yesterday morning I watched him get an answer and I could hear it and see his reaction. A little learning for the day for me as it was nice to watch. Lots of times I just watch and not click the shutter as it does scare most animals and birds. He is about 125 feet from me.
    Thanks for looking.
  11. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    LOL Lou
    Nature is very funny sometines, but very educational

    They all have a very individual personality
  12. Yes your right Gale it sure is. BTW Can you tell me just what LOL stands for??? Is it Lots of luck???
  13. how about Laughing out loud! That's usually what it stands for BUT think you just gave it a new one! Lot's of Luck! PERFECT!
  14. Thank you Dianne and now I know, but will I know which one it is now that it has 2 meanings:confused: :confused:

  15. use the one that fits the situation! ROFL! I"m having too good of a day today! LOL
  16. OK I quit. I know when I'm beat.:rolleyes:
  17. ROFL! Sorry, I'm on a roll today! been an exceptionally good day in our house!
  18. OK This is it (ROFL) Is this a run of freakin luck????

  19. rolling on the floor laughing! :biggrin:
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