Live View for Video not displaying indicators when using external monitors

Apr 23, 2021
I just bought a Nikon factory refurbished z6 with 3.20 firmware from adorama and notice that while I can see the z6 monitor displaying indicators, when I connect an external monitor to the camera, the indicators (eg, focal points, time remaining, recording red light, etc) do not display on the external monitor when in Live View Video Mode but they will display when in Live View Camera Mode. I tried connecting the camera to my TV and I get the same results. I also tried connecting my d750 and the indicators do display when both in Live View Camera Mode and Live View Video mode using the same external monitor and TV.

I am using the factory provided HDMI cable and using the Neewer F200 field monitor when testing the z6 and comparing that to the d750.

Adorama asked that I contact Nikon directly and they are currently "escalating" my question, but I wanted to reach out to you all to hear whether anyone can replicate that issue and/or resolve. Nikon says they naturally do not support the third party monitor, but they do support Atomos, though I am hoping that I don't have to purchase that just to get the indicators to display and she did not state specifically that it does display the indicators in video mode.

I tried affecting any and all settings that might affect what gets sent/displayed both on the z6 such as HDMI settings and tried any and all settings on the monitor, but I don't feel that it is a setting issue given the indicators do display in Live View Camera Mode.

The first image (not sure why it's displaying it sideways...) is the z6 in Live View Camera Mode and the second is it in Live View Video Mode.

Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.


z6 in Live View Camera Mode and properly displaying indicators to external monitor IMG_8179.jpg
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z6 in Live View Video Mode not displaying indicators on external monitor IMG_8181.jpg
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