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LLD strikes. 45mm/2.8P. One disappointment::::resolved::::

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Vernon t, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. The shot below sort of reminds me of a dog.
    A neighbors dog of a few years ago, really. The peculiar little creature was allegedly the result of the consummation of a romance between a male Jack Russell terrier and a very large Irish setter. Now, anybody that knows Jack Russell's would find not even the least bit of surprise in that...but...anyway...I wish I'd been there to shoot photos. OK, I'm off topic.

    I succumbed to an Ebay ad for a mint/pristine 45mm.2.8P and indeed it is. Very cool little lens. Highly cool indeed.

    To my point. The disappointment.
    I really expected to be able to use the aperture ring on the lens but the beautiful little jewel is a darn "CPU lens".
    I gotta' leave it on f22 and use the D2X's anterior command dial to adjust aperture. Darn. Just when I've been taking delight in shooting with my vintage 105f2.5. Worse is the lack of an f22 lock, so focusing may inadvertently dislodge from f/22 and cause annoying missed shots.

    Any way to De-CPU the thing. I'm resisting the temptation to Dremmel off the five little electrical contacts. I may try to tape over the contacts to see what happens.


    And, one last benefit. It will shush my buds that question what I'm compensating for with my big 70-200VR. I love the understated elegance.

    ::::Next Day Addendum:
    OK, thanks all....now I know about "custom setting F5" . I'm the victim of too many G-lenses. The non-CPU lenses I have didn't need F5 intervention....

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  2. ???

    Are you sure?

    My 45P works well. CPU is only for metering.

    Please set your camera to A or M. If in P or S mode, then it needs to be at the smallest aperture. Also, don't forget to set your camera properly so you can actually use the irng instead of the camera's knob to ocntrol f stops.

    (Darn I hate G lenses!)
  3. F15Todd


    Feb 1, 2005
    What, are you guys crazy...I think one of the best things ever added was the ability to set aperture by the command dail. I remember when I got my first F5, what a great option, I could never go back to the old ring.
  4. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    You would be save from damaging this nice little lens, if you read the D2X manual carefully. I'll save you the efforts, so just do the following

    Menu -> Custom menu - > (section f: comtrols) -> f 5 - aperture control -> aperture ring

    Then, enjoy setting the aperture ring on your 45 P to any value you want, just like in the old days.
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  5. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    Each to his own of course, but I strongly disagree. When you set apertures by the wheel on the camera, too much depends on your right hand. The balance gets better when your left hand can contribute.

    Plus, if you set apertures on AI lenses this way, you'll fool the metering system. A real issue if you have old lenses.
  6. You are alone on this one Todd :)  I side with Vernon and Bjørn on this one.

    Add to that that it is way faster to change your aperture on the fly with the left hand while you are shooting, if you can use the aperture ring.

    Call it handheld bracketing if you like, where you are in command, and the Hyperfocal distances can be read on the many of the old lenses, so much easier then having to calculate it
  7. Sorry, Todd is not alone on this one. I've become very attached to the viewfinder display. Flicking the dial is more convenient for me, even if you lower the camera to view the top LCD. Twisting the lens is an old habit which, admittedly, might be a hard one to break.

    Of course, AIS lenses must be set by hand, but that is an exception. I usually enter these lenses into my D2H/X so I still can verify the aperture setting through the viewfinder .

  8. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    We would probably find the Nikon community firmly entrenched in two camps here. Both sides can put forward convincing arguments for their view, although only one side can claim both hands do useful tasks :smile: concurrently.

    Being left-handed myself I make no secret of which alternative I prefer. It has in fact kept me (or saved my bank account, depending on how you view the issue) from purchasing a fair number of "G" lenses, the only ones being the 17-55 and the 200/2 VR and I'm not likely to expand that list. I could well do without the 17-55 because it isn't a better lens than my 17-35 which has an aperture collar, but there is no way denying the 200/2VR is a better lens than the 200/2 AIS.

    I have all my cameras set up to allow me using the aperture on the lens, if the camera permits this (D70 doesn't, but I have superglued that nasty slider on the front of my D70 bodies to circumvent the issue). The only nice thing about "G" is that my Nikons fall back to setting apertures by camera dial when a "G" lens is mounted, so I can minimise my own brain activity to an idling level. If I reach out for an aperture ring on the lens and none is to be found, I automatically try fiddling with the front wheel on the camera and then I'm all set to go. Still "G" has cost me a keeper or two, but other issues have been more expensive in terms of lost opportunities.
  9. Oh, good grief.....been there all along. Ignorance the product of too may "G" lenses?
    Having idly flipped by that "F5" setting a hundred times while bored...always, I suppose, with a G-series lens mounted....I feel silly.

    You guys are great.

    No way.

    A. I'm a guy. I don't read manuals.
    B. I'm a doc. We don't follow directions well.
    c. The product of A. and B. are greater than the sum of A. and B. :biggrin:

    As an old Nikormat guy you've(after 50k shots with the D2H and D2X) just given me reason to like my 28-70 more and my 17-55 and 70-200 less. :D epressed
  10. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  11. First snap at work.
    Hey, cool little lens this is. 0.7 inches deep little!
    f/4 1/60th ISO640
    Nicest thing has nothing to do with the lens. It still thrills me how great the D2X does with auto-WB under terrible office fluorescents.

    :::::Later-in-day Addendum...uh-oh...I looked at this on a better monitor...note to self...quit tinkering with PS curves on laptop. I messed 'em up! :redface:

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  12. I love using the Lens' ring so much, I just don't buy G lenses. Also, this is what keeps me from not buying any D70-D100 or even the next D200 if it doesn't have the feature.

    I find it very odd to use the camera instead. I tried and never felt comfortable.

    Rich:All modern AF lenses that have the ring will display the aperture values in the camera.

    To each his own, of course!
  13. Nothing like a good friendly argument :)  I didn't think of the left handed factor (i'm lefthanded). Well it is convinient for me, this is where my left hand rests anyway for stability reason so I might as well make use of it.
  14. We are about as likely to resolve this as if we debated "who's smarter...males or females?"? :wink:

    Having the choice is the great thing, ergo the complaint re. "G" lenses...choice not permited.
  15. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Well my first SLR was the D70, so I didn't have any old habits to break. I use the rear command dial for aperture selection since I find myself changing aperture far more than shutter speed.

    If you use the aperture ring you'd be limited to whole f/stops, wouldn't you? That seems like a disadvantage to me.
  16. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    The aperture scale is stepless so you can set it to any intermediate value, but there are click stops at each whole step (which is something different).
  17. Indeed.
    The camera display shows only, for example, f16 or f22, but tiny incremental advances of the aperture ring get the EXIF reading f18, f19, f20 etc.

    Sub command dial gives 1/3, 1/2 or 1 stop programably.
    Aperture ring gives smaller increments.

    That's getting, seemingly esoteric, but practical considering the whole stop clicks on the lens.
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