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Local Car Show - Critique Request

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by helmet155, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. I've never really shot a car show before...I shot these images for the local coffee house that hosts a Sunday car show each week...I've been asked a few times to shoot some images for them to use on their website and took the opportunity this morning.

    Honestly, it was difficult. The chrome threw me off so most everything I shot was dialed pretty far down on the EV comp.

    One goal was to get some good reflections, I have plenty of 'full car' shots...I selected these for more of the art aspect and would like opinions and ciritiques on how to improve these type of images.

    One thing I am finding interesting is how I wish my D70 had ISO 100 or ISO 50 :frown:

    Thanks for looking and look forward to hearing from you.






  2. Nice close-ups. I usually prefer whole-car images unless I'm documenting a specific vehicle, but that's me - I probably wouldn't have thought to approach the cars this way.

    Just FYI, looks like you've got dust on the sensor just above the center of the frame.

    By the way, I'm curious what you mean by "The chrome threw me off so most everything I shot was dialed pretty far down on the EV comp." Are you shooting in program and overriding the exposure using the EV compensation maybe? I usually shoot everything "manual" so I'm curious as to what your thought process there is.

    Thanks - sk
  3. this is a great way to shoot a car show! Good work, these guys are into the details, so a whole car does not cut it with them. what they want is the details that people look for, this you have done well.
  4. Hi Scott, I normally shoot the whole car also and do have every angle imagineable from today, but whole car shots at a car show always have too many distractions in the backgrounds and reflections...the goal was to do something different today and try to improve my artistic eye by shooting reflections and vehicle detail...maybe I will post some of the full car images but they look bad with all the people and reflections of everyone else in the paint, chrome etc...

    When I dialed down the EV, I was shooting in Aperture priority mode and reading the histogram. Shooting manual is beyond my current digital skillset, what I need to do is learn how to read the ttl meter in the viewfinder like with my film stuff (Olympus and Nikon F4).

    Thanks for pointing out the dust, I have been in dire need of a cleaning as I shoot a lot of motocross races and change lenses pretty regularly out in the field...

    Thanks for commenting, do you have a favorite?
  5. Thanks Dave! Some of the guys would come over and ask others not to walk around the car while I was shooting to keep the reflections clean which was really cool I thought.

    Have fun in OC next week, as it turns out I will be in Minnesota visiting one of our vendor's manufacturing facilities :( 
  6. as it turns out I will be in Minnesota visiting one of our vendor's manufacturing facilities :( 
    poor guy!
    I hope to meet you one day soon.
  7. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    I'll take the Chevy, thank you very much :>))))))
  8. Here's one of my favorites, this car had the absolute best attention to detail. Not an original restore but more of a modern custom of a muscle car.

    It was clean, you could not spot a single wire under the hood unless you looked closely!

  9. looks like a demon to me
  10. The last two I like the best.

    The first one leaves me wanting to see the interesting contours of the car that are only hinted at.
  11. Thanks Vernon and Dave...

    After reviewing my images from the show, I noticed I didn't have enough color variation or better detail of the first one, as Vernon points out...

    More to follow, hopefully next weekend!
  12. These are the shots I like the best, the ones that show the details. Really like you did with the DOF on the Chevy.
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