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local meetup in Maryland

Discussion in 'Special Sessions, Events, and Tour Announcements' started by the_traveler, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. yes

  2. January

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  1. the_traveler


    Mar 22, 2007
    Manhattan, NY
    Lewis Lorton
    I'm trying to establish an active list of people who would be up for a meetup in the Washington, DC area. Not necessarily to shoot if weather is bad but just to meet.

    If You are interested, please post your username in this thread and answer the poll questions above.

    @ijm3012, @robert photo@robert photo, @asaya@asaya, @Tinstafl@Tinstafl, @Cabin@Cabin, @jbailey930@jbailey930, @frdjohns@frdjohns, @jfeagans@jfeagans, @Dman51@Dman51, @HeatherK@HeatherK, @naptown sailor, @Tyrone9912@Tyrone9912, @ReggieReg@ReggieReg, @HenryVIII@HenryVIII, @DrPete@DrPete, @CoolHandLu@CoolHandLu, @pops@pops, @slothead@slothead, @BrendaC@BrendaC, @Sailing Bum@Sailing Bum, @tenorman@tenorman, @dgillilan@dgillilan, @PamB@PamB, @Sara Nelson, @Persequi@Persequi, @arcusmay@arcusmay, @AEDigman@AEDigman, @sfoxjohn@sfoxjohn, @robc@robc, @cwhite3424@cwhite3424, @Harris Brown@Harris Brown, @AEDigman@AEDigman, @caocholta@caocholta, @mbg914@mbg914, @pbutton@pbutton, @rtracyphoto@rtracyphoto, @Jeribai, @m3fan8ic@m3fan8ic, @Gary7770@Gary7770, @Walter@Walter, @rbalston@rbalston, @hgebeaux, @ScottRneon01, @devo@devo, @The Long Ranger@The Long Ranger, @EdChambers@EdChambers, @jerry.deesejdhdiggs, @ipads, @sqphotography@sqphotography, @Jim Strathearn@Jim Strathearn, @alemmo@alemmo, @lanthier@lanthier, @ Pete, @jbailey930@jbailey930, @MParker@MParker, @Medic Kayaker@Medic Kayaker, @mlktwins@mlktwins, @Tony Ad@Tony Ad, @blauweiss@blauweiss, @fitzz47@fitzz47, @Jeff A@Jeff A, @leejiv@leejiv, @louieescobar@louieescobar, @Mike126@Mike126, @RainyDays@RainyDays, @Walter@Walter, @Photobug207@Photobug207, @mapledog@mapledog, @Kristin@Kristin, @143gadgets@143gadgets, @Vienna Pics@Vienna Pics, @Skittledoo@Skittledoo, @Mike Buckley@Mike Buckley, @speen@speen, @SLRShooter@SLRShooter, @doobes@doobes, @jupman@jupman, @dmwphoto@dmwphoto, @dlroberts@dlroberts,
    @Ninety-Nine@Ninety-Nine, @hgebeaux, @Gnarl@Gnarl, @drjiveturkey, @DaniLew@DaniLew, @Eladio@Eladio, @Cleanimage@Cleanimage, @Dave Dickerson@Dave Dickerson, @KristinB@KristinB, @Clix Pix@Clix Pix, @CrystallP@CrystallP, @siinjen@siinjen, @Jaws@Jaws, @drjiveturkey, @DaniLew@DaniLew, @Eladio@Eladio, @Cleanimage@Cleanimage, @Dave Dickerson@Dave Dickerson, @jupman@jupman, @dmwphoto@dmwphoto, @dlroberts@dlroberts, @Ninety-Nine@Ninety-Nine, @hgebeaux, @Gnarl@Gnarl, @Skittledoo@Skittledoo, @Mike Buckley@Mike Buckley, @speen@speen, @SLRShooter@SLRShooter, @doobes@doobes, @Photobug207@Photobug207, @mapledog@mapledog, @Kristin@Kristin, @143gadgets@143gadgets, @Vienna Pics@Vienna Pics, @leejiv@leejiv, @louieescobar@louieescobar, @Mike126@Mike126, @RainyDays@RainyDays, @Walter@Walter, @mlktwins@mlktwins, @Tony Ad@Tony Ad, @blauweiss@blauweiss, @fitzz47@fitzz47, @Jeff A@Jeff A, @lanthier@lanthier, @Pete@Pete, @jbailey930@jbailey930, @ MParker, @Medic Kayaker@Medic Kayaker, @jdhdiggs@jdhdiggs, @ipads, @sqphotography@sqphotography, @Jim Strathearn@Jim Strathearn, @ alemmo, @Neon01@Neon01, @devo@devo, @The Long Ranger@The Long Ranger, @EdChambers@EdChambers, @jerry.deesegary7770, @Walter@Walter, @rbalston@rbalston, @hgebeaux, @ScottRmbg914, @pbutton@pbutton, @rtracyphoto@rtracyphoto, @Jeribai, @m3fan8ic@m3fan8ic, @cwhite3424@cwhite3424, @Harris Brown@Harris Brown, @AEDigman@AEDigman, @caocholta@caocholta, @arcusmay@arcusmay, @AEDigman@AEDigman, @sfoxjohn@sfoxjohn, @robc@robc, @tenorman@tenorman, @dgillilan@dgillilan, @PamB@PamB, @Sara Nelson, @Persequi@Persequi, @CoolHandLu@CoolHandLu, @pops@pops, @slothead@slothead, @BrendaC@BrendaC, @Sailing Bum@Sailing Bum, @Tyrone9912@Tyrone9912, @ReggieReg@ReggieReg, @HenryVIII@HenryVIII, @DrPete@DrPete, @jfeagans@jfeagans, @Dman51@Dman51, @HeatherK@HeatherK, @NaptownSailor@NaptownSailor, @asaya@asaya, @Tinstafl@Tinstafl, @Cabin@Cabin, @jbailey930@jbailey930, @frdjohns@frdjohns,
  2. Chances are that the weather will be pretty chilly and not great for shooting, and if there is snow or ice around, forget it! I picked January since it seems to me that more often than not February is the worst month and the one in which if we're going to have it, we have snow. It would be fun for all of us to hang out together just to chat, though.
  3. Jaws


    Mar 27, 2007
    Columbia, MD
    It sounds like a good idea. A number of years ago we had a very active group of DC/MD/VA members that would get together and go shooting, and sometimes just to get together as good friendships were built from the shooting sessions. Maybe something along these lines can bring members together like in the past.
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