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Looking for a Backpack Recommendation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PhotoDawg, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Currently, I am in search of a photo backpack. My photo gear is getting bigger and bigger. Most of my gear is sitting on a high shelf in my home away from the dog, cat, and the 7 year old professional photographer. I can't stand my gear sitting out like that. I borrowed flew's LowePro Computrekker and really liked it. That is what I am considering getting, but wanted to get some other opinions from the cafe before making a purchase. BTW, flew gets me in trouble a lot. It seems like when I borrow something from him, I end up going out and buying it. KEEP THAT D2H AT A SAFE DISTANCE!!!
  2. PGB


    Jan 25, 2005

    I like the tamrac expedition seven. So far it accomodates all my gear. Stop by my shop and I'll show you if you like.

  3. Dawg, here's my personal best. I've been using Lowe (both pro and Alpine) for the last 25 years, own more than 100 different products (from apparel to extreme outdoors and alpine gear and from heavy duty backpacks to simple cell-phone pouches or CD cases) so, here’s what I suggest.

    First of all, you have to ask yourself how many of your equipment you would like to carry with you. You should consider the weight and distance factor, that means how heavy can you walk and for how many miles and/or hours…

    http://lowepro.com/Products/Backpacks/ -->Main link for LowePro Backpacks

    http://lowepro.com/Products/Backpacks/allWeather/ -->AllWeather Series.
    I suggest the Nature Trekker AW II, a “mid’ size backpack that will fit everything (including your dog!) Great build, very spacious and adequate price.
    • large 35mm or digital pro SLR; 4–5 lenses (up to a 400mm f/2.8, flash and accessories; or
    • compact medium format system (like the Mamiya® 645); or
    • small field camera system
    Size (Interior): 11.5W x 6D x 16.75H in. / 29 x 15 x 42.5 cm
    Size (Exterior): 14.5W x 15D x 19H in. / 37 x 38 x 48.5 cm
    Outer fabric: water-resistant 600D ripstop nylon and 600D Endura™ nylon

    http://lowepro.com/Products/Backpacks/classic/ -->Classic Series.
    I suggest the Photo Trekker Classic, excellent quality, spacious and reasonable price!
    • pro SLR and 5–7 lenses (including a 400mm f/2.8 lens); or
    • a medium format system; or
    • a 4 x 5 field camera system
    Size (Interior): 13W x 6D x 18H in. / 33 x 15 x 45.5 cm
    Size (Exterior): 14W x 13D x 20H in. / 35.5 x 33 x 51 cm
    Outer fabric: water-resistant 600D TXP

    http://lowepro.com/Products/Backpacks/waterproof/ -->Full Waterproof Series
    Two choices here, the 100 and 200. I find the 100 far more flexible (especially when rafting or kayaking…)
    DryZone 100 Capacity:
    • 1 SLR and 3–5 lenses (80–200mm f/2.8, or
    • compact medium format system
    Size (Interior): 11W x 5.5D x 15H in. / 28 x 14 x 38 cm
    Size (Exterior): 12.5W x 8D x 17.5H in. / 32 x 20.5 x 44.5 cm
    Outer fabric (Backpack): water-resistant 600D TXP™ and 2000D ballistic nylon
    Outer fabric (Waterproof Drypod): waterproof plastic-coated nylon

    For your information:
    - I have a personal experience with the products I suggested to you, and
    - These guys are all photographers and heavy Nikon users, so they know what they do. Our wishful thinking is their next product…

    Hope I helped.
  4. Wow!! What great responses!! I will use all the links you have provided to check out the all different recommendations.


    Thursday afternoon around 11AM is a good time for me. Is that OK?

  5. Believe it or not, this guy on ebay...

    On the recommendation of a DP member, I picked up this backpack from a guy who only sells them on eBay.


    He sells 3 types, Micro, Mini and Maxi (I got the Maxi)


    For the price, I could not be any happier with this backpack. It came with 2 side units and a front laptop bag which I removed. The pack itself is lightweight, comfortable and perfect for all my gear. When traveling, I reattach the side and laptop units.

    The construction is well made but I would not put it up against a Lowepro or Domke. You get your money's worth, it's a great value.

    I'll say this. I have no problem carrying my D2X, 200-400, 70-200 and other equipment in it.

    Looks like he might be out of the Maxi right now but email him and see.

    Check it out, it may work for you.

  6. That is the best price on a nice backpack!! Thanks!! Most backpacks are $100 - $300 and up. That is why I have been hesitant. I can't believe I did not find that when searched on photo backpacks on eBay. THANKS A LOT!!!!
  7. Not a problem. If I get a chance, I take a shot of mine loaded up.

    Also, on the Maxi, when you remove the laptop module there is a tripod foot holder underneath with strap up top. Sweet.

  8. I can see the strap up top, but from the picture I can not see the footholder. That was a concern of mine. I would much rather have the footholder on the back of the pack and not the side. This is great information. Yes, I would like to see a picture sometime. Thanks again!!
  9. Ok Dawg, here ya go:

    You'll have to excuse the quality as I took these rather quickly. Also I lightened them enough so you could see all the details. The bag is very black with dark gray pattern.

    Here's the bag with the attachments on and off. The laptop bag also has shoulder pads. You can see the tripod holder at the bottom of the bag when the laptop bag is removed.

    Here's the back of it.

    The bag comes with a center divider which is helpful in keeping everything in its place especially when opening the bag (the center divider has some zipper mesh pockets)

    Here's a shot with my equipment. You can configure that bag however you want. This has the 200-400VR (hood reversed), 70-200VR (usually has body attached to it) and an empty space for the 17-55mm. There is also a 105, 85, TC14 and flash.

    Sizewise, all I could do is put the D2X box next to it (it is the same size as the D2H box). You can tell the bag is not too big yet has room for a lot of stuff...

    Hope this helps with your decision. I'm traveling this weekend and plan on giving the bag a full workout.

  10. WOW... :D 

    Thanks Joe for taking time to get pictures of your new pack. I appreciate it!!! Let me know how it does on your trip.

    Putting that D2X box gives me an idea of the size, and makes me even MORE ENVIOUS OF YOU D2Xers OUT THERE.....eeerrrrrrr :evil:

    Thanks again for your time and enjoy that D2X on your trip!!! :D 
  11. One other thing I forgot to add in my last post.......I see the tripod holder in that second picture......your right.....that is sweet. That is exactly what I am looking for.
  12. Backpacks

    A lot depends on what you need to carry. I typically go two ways with a backpack -- either a lightweight rig or a heavyweight. The lightweight kit, used when doing something like a long trip to a scenic location, consists of two bodies, the 17-35, 28/1.4, 45P (on one body), 85/1.4 and 135/2DC plus spare battery, charger and a few accessories like filters. I carry the lenses in LowePro Street & Field lens cases (the bodies in LowePro #60 pouches), then they are placed in a small backpack (I use a VAIO laptop bag currently, but I've used other small backpacks). The idea is to be able to take lenses out in the LowePro cases and put them on my belt for rapid access in the field, storing them in the cases for protection while in the pack. This works very well.

    For the larger kits, I use a LowePro PhotoTrekker AW-II. Here is one configuration, set up for a single body. When carrying two, I put the second body into the space shown in the image for the charger. I can carry a very extensive kit onto an airplane this way. The pack can of course be reconfigured as necessary.

  13. Re: Backpacks

    Hey Dawg,

    that's the Photo Trekker Classic I was talking about, in Ron's picture, medium size, fits a lot of things and very handy especially with the S&F Vest Harness and the extra 50-60 pouches...
  14. Panos,

    Thanks. That is just the size I am looking for....not to big or small.
  15. Photo Trekker Classic...

    ...and it comes with a "lifetime" warranty...!!!
  16. The LowePro PhotoTrekker AW-II, which I showed, comes with a detachable daypack too. If you take the daypack off when you get on a plane (four rapid-links) you can fit the daypack in the overhead. This is the largest pack that will get in the overhead bins I think. It has to go under the seat on small regional jets though... those bins are tiny.

  17. Thanks Ron. From what I have heard, you have a long standing reputation for being A DIGITAL PHOTO GENIUS!! I am glad you are apart of the cafe, and I look forward to viewing some of your educational posts and awesome photos. :shock:

    I understand, sometimes those airline overhead bins are packed with other bags too. I was unaware the Phototrekker AW-II comes with a daypack. :lol:

    The price was a little out of my league, so I did not even look at it. I guess that is why it is pricey, b/c you are getting two packs. I have a small fanny pack, but nothing like Phototrekker's daypack. All this info is really going to help in my decision. Thanks again!! :D 
  18. Change that to Digital Photo Geek and you've got it just about right :^)

    As with many other things, you're best off spending a little more to get the pack that is right for you rather than acquiring numerous types. Along with many other folks, I've gotten several different sorts of bags over the years, some of which get used rarely if ever. Think about this carefully, and if the right bag costs a little extra, get it anyway. It will cost less in the long run than doing this twice (or more).

  19. GeeJay


    Jan 26, 2005
    We're going to be taking a plane trip and I need to know about taking the tripod on the plane with me.

    I'd take a backpack with a tripod attached to it but don't know if it's allowed on the planes...doesn't seem like it would be allowed...

    figured you all would know more about this than any other place and sure don't want to call the airlines and be put on "HOLD"....

    And how do you take all your photo gear on planes... sure wouldn't want to send through in baggage..

    Thanks for your input,

  20. Patrick,

    Thanks again for taking time to show me your Tamrac Expedition 7. Very nice!! :shock:


    You hit the nail on the head. Spend a little more now than spending even more later. :D 

    This will give me some ammunition when I go up against the "SHE"FO of the Daniel household. I'll just blame it on Ron. :lol:

    Just kidding with you Ron!!
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