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Looking for a good camera shop in Maryland (Baltimore)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FoyGroup, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I typically purchase everything online, but more and more I get the urge to reach out and touch the equipment before I buy. I live just North of Baltimore, but I am not adverse to driving an hour if I need to in order to get to a well stocked store.

    Not just looking for cameras & lens, but also bags, tripods, and maybe even someone who knows what their talking about. :confused: 

    Any suggestion from the East Coast locals?
  2. Personnal I use Penn Camera in Laurel MD. However, I know there other around the cafe who use Cooper's Camera Mart.

    I don't have experience with Cooper's but the folks at Penn are knowledgable and they generally are well stocked.

    Good luck,
  3. Thanks Scott, it looks like Coopers must have gotten bought out by Penn, when I click on your links, they reference both reference Penn. I have never been to either, I will have to stop by on Monday. So, are we down to just one company in Maryland?
  4. I strongly recommend Ace Photo in Sterling Va. About an hour outside of Baltimore. Near Dulles Airport.

    I was working out there once and needed a filter when I dropped mine. A buddy turned me on to this place. What a neat store. One of the last of the old fashioned, non chain stores. Great stock of nearly everything you could ever want and pretty good prices as well.

    Oh - and best yet, they have people who work there (especially the owner, Moe) who actually know the how use photo equipment. Bought the filter when I was there, but spent at least an hour toodling around the crammed aisles playing with all of the toys and shooting the breeze with Moe.

    Highly recommended. Look here:

  5. I second the recommendations for both Penn Camera and Ace Photo! :smile: I've spent a lot of money at both!! By the way, Ace has recently moved so that their new shop isn't quite as claustrophic and crammed as the old one was.....

    Penn has several stores around the MD/DC/VA area. I usually go to the one at Tysons, since it's closest to where I live, but I've also been to the one in Rockville. Never have seen the one in Laurel, but friends have been there and say it is well-stocked, too. Yes, Penn recently bought out Cooper's.

    There is another good place, too, in No VA: Photocraft (online known as ePhotocraft), which has two stores and an excellent inventory.
  6. Baywing


    Feb 22, 2005
    CT USA
    Service Photo.
  7. I go to Service Photo on Falls Road in Baltimore.

    They do have a display of bags, tripods, monopods, accessories, etc.

    While I'm not an expert on all things photography, every time I'm there I try to get one particular person by the name of Doug (He pretty much wears a Nikon t-shirt) who's kind and patient with me because of my deafness.

    I think Doug would be a good person to talk to.


    Good luck in whatever shop you choose, FoyGroup.

  8. Laura, I stopped by Service Photo yesterday. From the outside it looks like a hole in the wall in a not-so-nice area of town. I have been working on a project in the area and saw it on my way out. They did have a lot of bags, and I was able to talk to a sales rep regarding tripods and lens as well. If not for the recommendations from you and Baywing, I would not have gone in.

    Connie, I see that Penn has taken over Coopers which is located up falls road about 15 miles North of Service Photo in the Greenspring shopping center. I may stop by there this week as well.

    Thanks for the recomendations.
  9. FYI- for all...Ace Photo recently moved to Ashburn, VA. (2 exits past Dulles Airport off Loudoun Cty Pkwy and Waxpool Rd.) Nice new space, not crammed anymore. They are now right down the road from the Redskins Training Facility.

    I've bought most of my gear from them and can attest to their excellence. Mo and his team are great! All are shooters and have probably collectively owned every lens made my most manufacturers. One of their reps, Eliot, is an ex-Nikon rep so he knows his stuff cold. One downside is return policy. Plainly put, you bought it, you own it. No returns. The will always work with you on warranty, etc...I haven't bought a bad piece of equipment from them yet.
  10. mamabird

    mamabird Guest

    I want to chime in with a recommendation for Penn Camera in Rockville, MD. They are very informative and pride themselves on their excellent customer service. I've gotten to know the sales folks in this particular store so well that I just stop in to chat. They don't mind at all. Can't recommend them enough!

  11. Thanks Everyone, now you cost me money.....

    At Laura's request I went to Service Photo. Nice size store, looks like a hole in the wall from outside. Great selection of everything and nice sales staff. I was real interested in the 70-200vr, but they said it was out of stock and did not know when it would come in. Whewwwww!!!!

    Karen suggests Penn Photo, so Yesterday, I went to Coopers just up the road from Service Photo in Greenspring Station (Towson MD). Coopers was recently bought out by Penn Photo and they are now a Penn store under the Coopers name.

    This is a tiny store, barley any room to move around. I spoke to Bob there who is their Nikon guy. Told him I was interested in the 70-200vr, but I know it is sold out everywhere. To my surprise, he pull one out of the case ready to go.

    Hmmmm.... now what. I know, I asked his price for it, but it was about $100 more then I could get it from B&H, so I could walk away. NOT.... He said hold on, let me check online at B&H, a few minutes later, he came back and matched the price.

    Needless to say, I am now the proud owner of a 70-200vr. This is one cool piece of glass. I waited till later to introduce my wife to my new child. Now I can take really sharp pictures on Mothers day. Hmmm... That worked too easy. I wonder what she has in mind for mothers day if that was her response. I can't wait till I get off work later to try it out.
  12. Congratulations on the new lens! :smile: You will LOVE it!
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