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  1. Good day to all,

    I am looking to get a new tripod maybe soon. I already have two Bogens, one is a for my heavier setups ( Bogen 3021BPRO) the other is for hiking (Bogen 3001BN). I also have two Bogen heads, Bogen 488RC2 normally goes on the 3021 and a Bogen 486RC2 goes on the 3001.

    About a month ago, I purchased a Bogen 3421 head to use with my bigger lenses and now I'm looking for a sturdier tripod to hold the heavier loads. For cost reasons, I am not looking for a carbon fiber tripod. I am a fairly strong so aluminum legs are fine. Cost wise, I am looking for something in the $500 range or less. Thank you for the help in advance.

    God Bless,
  2. David,

    Check out the CF pods from Feisol (www.feisol.com). They have had good reviews. I have just ordered the 3371. Similar tripod rom Gitzo etc sell for twice as much.


  3. Thank you Alex for the link. For being CF, it would be a consideration. I'd still rather look for some metal legs though.

    God Bless,
  4. David

    Why metal legs???

    I can also HIGHLY recommend the Feisel tripods. "Best" piece of camera gear I've ever purchased.

    BTW, they have two new "heavy duty" models.

  5. John,

    The reason for metal legs is cost for me. I had seen too many CF tripods sell for $500-$800+. Right now I cannot afford that kind of set up. I think the second reason is peace of mind. If something tragic were to occur with the tripod itself (ie. bend a leg or crack it), I can fix the issue with a weld or two. Being unfamiliar with CF, I am not sure if or how I could fix the legs should they break. I hope this better explains why metal legs.

    God Bless,
  6. Pretty hard to break CB legs. And if you did, I suspect you would have much bigger problems than a busted tripod.

    The Feisol HW is quite $ competative. They have pricing on their web site. You can order directly from them.

  7. Check out the Dutch Hill, Tim Ernst is liking the one he has.
  8. Velbon are also making CF tripods in the $$ range you mention. I have one which I like but havn't made any experience with other brands so I cannot really say something reasonable about how they compare with others.
  9. Thanks to all for your inputs. I saw one for sale here in the Cafe at a price I know I could afford right now. It should be here by next week. If I do decide to trade up, I'll consider all these options given to me.

    God Bless,
  10. I've just purchased a Feisol 3471, that's sturdy for a good price.
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