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Looking for help with AB800 Ringlight technique

Discussion in 'Studio Equipment and Lighting' started by Red1, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. I posted this pic in the people gallery a few weeks ago looking for some advice but I got almost no help there. What can I do to prevent the catchlight from being dead center in the eye like it is in this photo?
    I purchased the AB800 ring light and quite frankly it's kicking my A** to get anything decent from it.

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    I shot this one when I first got the ring light a few months back and used it sort of freehand. I was handholding the unit, but had to constantly adjust the output as I moved closer / farther from the subject.

    View attachment 390878

    Any input / tips would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Here was another attempt with my ring light.
    Boeing (my nephew)
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  3. "What can I do to prevent the catchlight from being dead center in the eye"

    My guess is the reason for light being in the center of the subjects eyes is that the subject is looking at the flash. If they turn their eyes, wouldn't the catch light be off center then??
  4. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    You can't really avoid it if the subject is looking at you. Do you have the grid with it? Try using it off axis with the grid for a different look.
  5. One thing you can do is get a larger moon unit. I use the larger I think it is 56" moon unit that changes the catch light on the eyes to a larger halo instead of a dot. But it will remain as being centered in the eye and is generally specific to this type of lighting. Most people who use ring lights have their subjects looking right at the camera. So you're a little stuck with it.

    Here is how the larger halo comes out.

  6. ArtScott


    Jul 11, 2009
    If the ring liteght is being used attached to cam wit hlens poking thru then you are not going to get that catchlight anywhere but dead center of subjects eyes, if they are looking at you.......if the subjecs eyes go any where else but looking at you then the catchlight should not show...........

  7. Thanks twinturbooteddy. I have the 30" in moon unit. I think I might order the larger one and maybe a grid too. I'm gonna be placing an AB order soon anyhow for a AB 1600 and beauty dish :smile:
  8. Not an elegent solution, but I will edit the catchlights in Photoshop if I don't like them. In my case it is usually because I have two catchlights due to my two light setup.
  9. Thanks Luke_Miller, but you don't need to go to the trouble (but you are welcome to if you'd like to play with them). I posted another thread regarding my catchlight problem with a clamshell set up. The photos just don't quite look right with no catchlight.
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  10. Sorry - I wasn't very clear. :redface:
    I was not offering to edit your photos, just suggesting editing might be a solution. I would not eliminate the catchlight, just make it look more "normal."
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  11. The larger moon unit if used with a 50mm prime on a dx camera the halos on the eyes come out quite large. But they are perfect in my opinion, just a fyi.

    I have the grid too. It's a VERY interesting look, especially if used as a single light source. Honestly if I'm using my ring light I prefer using the grid over any other modifier. I'll never use it without any modifiers either.
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