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Looking for "medium" size shoulder bag

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JerseyJay, Jun 12, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    I'm looking for "medium" size should bag. I need to fit my:

    D2X w/ 70-200, 28-70 and flash
    D2X w/ 28-70, 12-24 and flash

    This is more of a quick pack and go bag. I have ProSystem 14 Tamrac bag which hold most of my equipment and backpack which is excellent for hiking. I need to find something smaller which will accommodate minimum staff for quick photo sessions.

    So far I'm looking into

    - Tenba D12
    - Stealth Reporter 400 or 500 AW
  2. I would recommend a Domke F2!

    Has the Length to fit the D70 (or D2H) with 70-200 VR attached, and you can still use 1/2 of the 4-compartment insert for 2 Lenses/Flash!

    I have made some costume-made insert myself and love this Bag!

    actually I carry in it:

    70-200 VR with Hood
    Tamron 28-75 f2.8 with Hood
    Tokina 12-24 DX with Hood
    50 f1.8
    SB800 with diffuser
    Canon 500D
    Some filters in Box
    12 AA recharcheable
    Spare Batteries for D70
    Kenko pro 300 1.4x
    Flash cable
    and lots more

    I can store the Camera in it with every Lens attached!

    Hope I could help!
  3. dagored


    May 4, 2005
  4. Well that depends!

    It has a very sturdy bottom that you can take out or leave in.

    The Bag itself is like thick canvas! But without Bottom and insert it is very soft, but the material gives good protection!

    The 4-padded insert is very well padded, but you can leave each padding of the insert out or in.

    You can customize it like you need it!
  5. marc

    marc Guest

    domke f2 or f3, great bags and waterproof

    very easy to cutomize

    excellent quality
  6. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Check these guys out. I just ordered the TZ600, which is probably bigger than what you are looking for, but they have a pretty good selection, and their prices are very good. I do have a couple of small bags from them, and they are nice. Their service is pretty good too.

  7. I picked up Stealth Reporter 600 AW for $70. Great deal IMO.
  8. dagored


    May 4, 2005
    I have a Kiesel bag. Mine is too big to carry around. They are nice bags
  9. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005

    Don't tell me that.... :cry: 

    I agonized over which one to get, and finally opted for the TZ600 over the TZ500. It is big though. Which one do you have?
  10. dagored


    May 4, 2005
    Not sold anymore

    Mine is over a year old and is very similar to the TZ600, and is the same dimensions, but it did not come with a padded laptop sleeve. I keep my PB in a SF bag. It was only $96 at that time. I can see the increase with the included laptop sleeve.

    As I stated before, I am going to purchase the Domke F 2 when B & H opens tomorrow. I am going for the sand color. I want to see what is in the bag. It will hold my D70 w/kit lens, SB 800, 50mm and 28-200mm for a cruiise I am taking in a month.

    I have the Velocity 9, but it is a pain to get into. It is however a great bag for protecting your stuff. Solid.
  11. Cory Cooper

    Cory Cooper

    May 24, 2005
    Salem, NH
    I agree with the Domke F2...I love mine!!!
  12. dagored


    May 4, 2005
    Domke F-2

    Bag arrived today. Not too big, not too small. Bought the postal shoulder pad with it. Nice bag, real nice bag.
  13. Same here.

    Stealth Reporter 600 AW arrived. Great bag. I can't imagine having anything smaller. D2X w/ sb-800, 12-24 mounted, 70-200 on the side and space for 28-70 (*waiting :)  ).
  14. papa85

    papa85 Guest

    Domke J2 It is water proof Great to work out of. Had one for 20 Years and would you believe it wore out. :lol: I have 10 assorted bags and I still go back to the Domke bag. It is for the working photographer.
  15. Brian


    Apr 30, 2005
    Love my Domke F2, too, but find it too hard to store all the oversized lens shade. Anyone has good advise on how to store them in the bag?
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