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Looks like CS 4 is being announced

Discussion in 'Adobe Processing Products' started by PDuany, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. PDuany


    Aug 10, 2005

    He doesn't say if this is announcing for availability or if it is announcing the ship date. For those who do not know who John Knack is he is the Photoshop Product Manager
  2. Nchesher


    Jul 7, 2006
    Yeah I saw the webcast thing. I bet it's out just in time for xmas. WHo knows what CS4 will do. I'm pretty darn happy with CS3.
  3. cobrakai

    cobrakai Guest

    I read that Photoshop CS4 will be 64-bit for Windows Vista only and the Mac will have to wait for CS5 before it is 64-bit. Which is fine, CS3 is still the most amazing version of Photoshop I've used. I just hope they don't make CS3 camera raw obsolete.
  4. I could not have said this any better....
  5. NateD

    NateD Guest

    I've been testing it on my XP and Vista 32bit machines and it works fine
  6. Now that you mention it my friend has been beta testing it on a macpro too...hmmnnn sounds like it will be all platforms
  7. cobrakai

    cobrakai Guest

    Let me clarify, to take advantage of the ability to allocate as much memory needed for Photoshop CS4 you would need Windows Vista 64-bit version. I am not too sure about XP64 because I heard it was just going to run as a 32-bit program.

    So yes, it will run on 32-bit versions of XP/Vista and MAC OSX but without the memory allocation capabilities. This is a shame because Leopard is a 64-bit OS, so that is why enjoy CS3 for now and when CS5 comes it makes uprading even better.:smile:
  8. Can you skip a generation of updates with Photoshop and still pay the upgrade price (ie: go from CS3 to CS5 skipping CS4)?
  9. PDuany


    Aug 10, 2005
    Well since the current upgrade covers owners of cs my guess would be yes.
  10. scottb

    scottb Guest

    Currently, if you have PS 7 you qualify for an upgrade to CS3. If you wait until CS4 launches, you're out of luck. So you can skip as many as two generations.
  11. I have the whole Adobe Creative Suite Premium CS2 for students.

    It has Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Adobe InDesign CS2, Adobe GoLive CS2, Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional, Version Cue CS2, Adobe Bridge, and Adobe Stock Photos.

    So is this eligible for an upgrade to the version 4?

    If not, I'll just keep using CS2 and buy capture NX2. :smile:
  12. Should be.
  13. And here is why from the mouth (or pen or keyboard) of Jack Nack:
    "On the other hand, we work very hard at maintaining parity across platforms, and it's a drag that the Mac x64 revision will take longer to deliver. We will get there, but not in CS4. (Our goal is to ship a 64-bit Mac version with Photoshop CS5, but we’ll be better able to assess that goal as we get farther along in the development process.)

    I imagine some Mac users are starting to flip out (breathe, guys, stick with me!), so let me explain how we got here & nip a few concerns in the bud.

    As we wrapped up Photoshop CS3, our plan was to ship 64-bit versions of the next version of Photoshop for both Mac and Windows. On the Mac Photoshop (like the rest of the Creative Suite, not to mention applications like Apple's Final Cut Pro and iTunes) relies on Apple's Carbon technology. Apple's OS team was busy enabling a 64-bit version of Carbon, a prerequisite for letting Carbon-based apps run 64-bit-native.

    At the WWDC show last June, however, Adobe & other developers learned that Apple had decided to stop their Carbon 64 efforts. This means that 64-bit Mac apps need to be written to use Cocoa (as Lightroom is) instead of Carbon. This means that we'll need to rewrite large parts of Photoshop and its plug-ins (potentially affecting over a million lines of code) to move it from Carbon to Cocoa.

    Now let me be very clear about something: It's entirely Apple's call about what's best for the Mac OS and how to spend their engineering cycles. Like any development team, they have finite resources & need to spend them judiciously. They've decided that Carbon 64 doesn't belong on their roadmap, and we respect their decision. It's up to Adobe to adapt to the new plan.

    As soon as we got the news in June, we began adjusting our product development plans. No one has ever ported an application the size of Photoshop from Carbon to Cocoa (as I mentioned earlier, after 9 years as an Apple product Final Cut Pro remains Carbon-based), so we're dealing with unknown territory. We began training our engineers to rewrite code in Objective C (instead of C++), and they began prototyping select areas to get a better view of the overall effort.

    In short, Adobe has been taking prompt, pragmatic steps to enable 64-bit Photoshop as quickly as possible on both Mac and Windows. It's a great feature, not a magic bullet, and we're delivering the functionality as quickly as each platform permits."
  14. scottb

    scottb Guest

    When you see the upgrade price for that suite (not the academic version), you may decide to go with NX anyway :)  I use that same suite (the CS3 version). The problem is - unless something has changed recently - you can't just upgrade to the newest version of Photoshop via the suite. You have to upgrade the whole suite, which covers a bunch of upgrades.

    If you use all the apps in the suite, it's a pretty "suite" deal. If not ...
  15. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    Mac uses Cocoa to write there 64 apps Adobe was using Carbon so will need to re-write but as in A mac has access to more memory now under 32-bit mode then windows does.
  16. That is correct and is why PSCS4 for Mac will still be 32 bit not 64.:biggrin:
  17. I am perfectly happy with Aperture for most of my work anyway and only occasionally need to go into CS3 for additional fine-tuning, so I am planning to wait for CS5 as far as updating goes....
  18. TonyM


    May 7, 2005
    I've been waiting for the GPU support since I saw the demo about 4 months ago.

    I'll take it!
  19. Now Tony, tell me , what exactly is this GPU stuff??
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