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  1. I seem to be losing "some" files in NX2. They will show up in View NX and I can open them if I use "open with" and choose NX2. Even if I make changes and resave to the same location they will not show up in the NX2 browser. I seem to remember double clicking on a couple of these files a few days ago and they seemed to disappear. I restored them from the recycle bin and they show up in View NX and Windows Explorer but not in the NX2 browser. Any ideas?? I have copied them to a new folder, a new folder on another drive and they still don't show up. I can work around it with View NX but it would be nice if the NX2 browser didn't lose the files.


    I forgot to mention that when I open NX1.3 and use that browser the pictures show up.
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  2. Problem solved

    Thanks for the advice and warm welcome. I'm finding this board to be very helpful (and courteous). My problem was in the ratings. I had it checked to show only those with no stars. The missing pictures had 3 stars. When I clicked the show all they reappeared. It sure is nice when things (including the operator) work right..
  3. I can't tell you how many times my heart has jumped into my throat because I made the same mistake. The two seconds required to realize what I had done are two seconds I really would prefer not having to live through again.