Losing my mind: a cycling self portrait

Hello everyone,

I assigned myself a cycling self portrait project where I wanted to incorporate my new audio recorder, test some audio editing software, play with flash software and also use off-camera flash. All while riding my bike. I strapped everything in a large back-pack and braved the 95 degree temps for three hours. The trail is perhaps one of my all-time favorites but it's slated to be bulldozed into a golf course. I'm sad about that because I've enjoyed these woods for nine years and pretty much rode out there once a week, usually Friday's by myself or with an occasional friend. I'll miss these trails. It's like losing a friend.

So, it's a self-portrait of sorts in a multi-media way. I hope to incorporate more audio into my photography and wanted to test it all out before I start using it in a more professional manner. I'm enjoying the audio aspect and have so far enjoyed my new Edirol R-09.



Comments welcome.



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I watched the whole thing with no sound (need a Y cable for my speakers so I can hear my pc and my new TV through my speakers). I will go back and watch it again with the sound.

I don't know if it was because I had no sound or not, but it was like I was there. Beautiful and relaxing. Awesome colors.

Good work Tim!
That was cool, nice self assignment. Would love to hear it with the dialog cleaned up a bit, maybe knock down the wind noise on the mic a bit and give it just a wee bit of compression to blend it with the backing recording a bit better. Loved that photos! Great work.
That's a fantastic video... you've done a great job of putting it together. I do think you could have ended it on a stronger photo - one of the shots of you zipping by parallel to the camera and blurred would be stronger. A LOT of work went into this and it's apparent. Well done, Tim.

I can sympathize with you about losing the trails. Once you find a chunk of nature that you call your own, it's hard to let go. I'd suggest you strap your camera to the front of your bike and do some time lapse shots before this place gets bulldozed. That way, you can still ride the trials on the PC instead of real-time.

you did a great job! I am rewinding it over and over again and try to understand the angles, time lapse, focus points, etc. And the music ...

Just wonderful!

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