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Louisville, KY meetup at Cave Hill, Wednesday @ 10AM

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sonyam, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. I'm visiting the area next week, and would love to meet some of you face to face! I've already talked to John R, and he thinks he'll be able to make it. The dates are September 30th or October 1st. (middle of the week, I know, but those are the only dates I'll be in town) Anyone else have a few minutes to wander around scenic Louisville to take some pics?
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  2. I'm definately in.

    Oct. 1st would be my 1st choice and before 4pm.
  3. Before 4pm is best for me as well, those are the hours my family works and I would be all alone anyway, LOL! But I'm happy to extend to the evening hours a little if others could make it. :) 
  4. I plan on taking the day off but I have to pick up my son at 4pm.
  5. Perfect!! I am in from whenever to whenever. Nothing fun EVER happens on my day off. Sorry John I didn't see this when I PMed you. The where should probably depend on what you want to shoot and what you are already near. Let me know.
  6. Well, I won't be *near* anything fun. I'm open to suggestions or if you want I can list some of my old favorites to choose from.
  7. probably the earlier we can make this, the better?

    What are some of your old favorites? I wouldn't mind learning some new places. I know a lot of Louisville, but you know about a fresh pair of eyes.

    Anthony, what day is best for you?
  8. Earlier is perfect for me. My girls are up at 6, is that early enough, LOL!

    Well, if you like nature photos/macro/landscapes I like to shoot at Bernheim forest. It's a 15-20 minute drive from Louisville though, so it may be a bit far for some. Otherwise I like to go downtown and shoot the bridges, etc from waterfront park. But I'm open to suggestions as well!
  9. HI guys, I would love to get in on this...

    BUT... Mid week is kinda tuff for us on such short notice...

    I will speak with my Sandy tonight and maybe, if she can get away, and we can find a hotel room...

    Perhaps we could bring our 2 year old grandson, maybe maybe not...

    I will get back with ya!!!
  10. I'm bringing my 2 girls. So kiddos are welcome!

    I'm going to be in the Nashville area the 2nd to the 5th if that would work better? I don't know my availablility, because *grandma* has made plans for us to do some things. But I'm open to meet at the Opryland hotel if anyone wants. (It's where I was married, so I'd like to go back)
  11. vpeek

    vpeek Guest

    I'm a Louisville Nikon Cafe guy - provide details and I will attempt to be there.
  12. I just found out that I am off on Wednesday, Yeah!!! Now if I can just convince my DW we need to go up there for the day!!!
  13. So it looks like Wednesday, early. Anyone want to suggest a location?
  14. That would depend on what you want to do or shoot. I am a local so it would be the visitors call. I am up for anything from coffee shop banter to an all day shoot. You say what you want to do, and we can work out a plan.
  15. We are 2.5 hours south... Whatever time is chossen, we will need to ad
    at least 3 hours in front of that to depart. No big deal, just need to know...

    Is 10AM too late? We might be able to do nine, if we push her, LOL!!!

    I like the idea of the waterfront with bridges, and maybe a knarlie cemetary?

    And the coffee shop banter sounds very good also, maybe to include some lunch or....
  16. I'm truly up for anything. I grew up in the area, so can find most everything. Waterfront park area is great for the bridges. Cave Hill cemetery is interesting. John, do you have a suggestion? What works best for you?

    (Oh, and 10 am sounds perfect)
  17. 10am is fine. Cave Hill is pretty cool too. I'm open to anything. I can meet up for about 2 hours maximum though.
  18. 10 am works for me as well. Cave Hill is a great place. The Indiana side of the waterfront might be a better option considering the skyline. From downtown we can get to just about anything we want in ten minutes.
  19. So we could start at Cave Hill at 10 am and wander around from there? Anyone against that idea?
  20. nope, sounds good to me.
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