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Love The Lockers - Hate The Lockers??

Discussion in 'People' started by Seneca, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    No need to comment on the image it was a test - yes I know her bra was showing...yes I know the background was distracting...again it was a test picture. Do like the lockers or hate them?

    Need your brutal honest opinion.

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    I had a soon to be client ask if I had some fun clip art type for senior pictures...and I really don't. This is all that I really have that is even close to fun stuff.

    Ok I must admit she is a beauty isn't she?
  2. I like to concept but I find the lockers to be too perfect for my taste. The only time I saw a locker in this kind of condition when they were new :smile:

    I would also increase the font size for the name just a little bit so it sticks out a bit more.
  3. Concept has a lot of potential and IMO worth persuing.
    Maybe a trip to the HS and do some shots of the actual lockers.
    Perhaps one with the door open and your photo taped to the inside of the door.
    I'm not too keen on the fold, just doesn't look right.

  4. JustEd


    Jul 21, 2008
    Sacramento, CA
    It works for me

    think you have a nice idea there. Having pic on outside of the lockers is the way to go...JMO! The suggestion about using pictures of the actual lockers in the school(s) might be a good one. Can imagine some youngster saying...hey our lockers aren't GREEN!!! But again, like the overall concept a lot.
  5. zerocool


    Jan 21, 2008
    Tracy Calif
    i like the concept .. but the lockers are too nice to be believable ... beat them up some, or something ...no Lockers are that pretty, or at least the ones at my school werent lol
  6. I think it is a cute idea, I like it.
  7. i like it
    of course, seneca, you know that some kids like lockers and some don't

    high school students have a "love-hate" relationship with them
    so.... i'd offer this "look" as an option
  8. Don summed up my thoughts almost perfectly. Like the concept. Get rid of the fold.
  9. I like this concept. As others have said, it needs some tweaking. If you started with a photo of some local high school lockers, you would really improve this shot.

    Do seniors want something like this? It almost seems to minimize their portrait and could be perceived as too "gimmicky".
  10. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    I suppose I too was on the fence with this...I mean I called my mentor and asked him about clipart...he sent me this template and said he used it all the time when he was doing seniors. It looked a little too young for seniors...but he said he used it for post-cards announcements. I'm still on the fence. Ho-hum.

    Thanks Don...good idea...as I mentioned above I too wasn't too keen on it. Might work on younger kids...like middle school. Thanks for your advice.

    Thanks Ed...I don't know if I want to spend time taking an actual image of a locker at the school...not sure how I would go about setting it up. My client wants to send 100 announcements for her daughter via the mail...so she wants to use them as postcards. I think the image on the front would get destroyed with the movement of the mail.

    Wish there was a way to beat them up on the computer. :biggrin:

    Thanks Gordon...I too like it...but something keeps me on the fence.

    Thank you PL...

    Ohhh yeah I know this all too well. What is it with kids in this generation? My son doesn't use his locker at all, never has in high school...you know they don't even have books anymore...all the books stay in the classroom.

    Thank you Anthony...I'll talk to my mentor and see how I can achieve this just to give it a different look. He made the template up himself.

    Well I know my client wants something like this. I have nothing else to show her. I have some other templates but nothing fun like this one. I sent it to her this morning...haven't heard back. I suppose I won't know anything until tonight because I sent it to her home e-mail, it's the only email address she gave me.
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