Lowe Slingshot 200

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  1. My never ending search for the perfect camera bag inched forward one notch this weekend. I bought the above bag. It's difficult to describe but it is a modified back pack with one padded strap which crosses diagonally in front. The novel feature is you swing it around your left hip from rear to front and the way it winds up the opening permits you to pull out your camera with a lens mounted straight out. Nothing else falls out. It even has a microfiber cloth to cover the LCD screen.

    You can carry the camera with the 28-70 mounted and 3-4 more medium to small lenses (85 f/1.4 12-24DX size) eight cf cards in indivitual containers, a SB800 flash, a filter packet, a dr-5 right angle viewer, four extra batteries for the flash, the lens hoods in a package smaller than the minitrekker.

    There are rubberized straps for outrigger lenses (no the 70-200 won't fit easily inside). Check it out!

    As shown it's carrying the D2H, 28-70, 85, 28, 12-24, all the hoods, the DR-5, a 70-200 in the outrigger bag, sb800 in the top container along with a filter pouch and the bartteries in the outside zippered pouch and a small velcroe'd pouch inside the flap with 8 individual slots for CF cards.


    View attachment 15702

    On the first image the strip down the left side with the two buckles keeps the side access flap from opening all the way (when you're wearing the bag) and having everything all fall out.

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    Jan 30, 2005
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  3. Rich

    How about a couple of images showing it in use?

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    Jan 30, 2005
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  5. That is pretty impressive Rich.
  6. Rich, very interesting. How comfortable it is to carry it on one shoulder when fully loaded?
  7. Hey, they don't call me "gadget man" at work for nothin!

  8. No idea yet. I just got it. Knowing me I'll probably overload it. You know what us "guys" say......"If some is good, more is better!"

    My chief concern is a top loader bag bumps into everything and is difficult to get stuff out and back in; a backpack, ala Mini-trekker is a PITA to get off your shoulder, lie on the ground, pick out a lens....then remember to zip it shut before picking it up and then put back on your shoulder(s) so no one will steal everything.

    Which brings up a harrowing incident. I had the minitrekker loaded and finished and placed it in the rear seat of our car. When we got home I picked it up by the top strap, but had forgotten to zip it shut. Everything fellout...onto the car seat! My knees went weak and I broke out in a sweat.

    I'll report back honestly once I give it a thrashing next week-end.

  9. I surely like the concept, and that bag seems designed well.

    I have never been able to make the one strap thing work well for me. I guess I just like the idea of spreading the weight over both.

    However, I am rather obsessive about bags, so I may just have to give it a try!

    Thanks for the post. I didn't know Lowe made one like this. I have the "Velocity 9," which is similar in that it is a sling bag. Haven't found that to be a bag I like though.
  10. Hey Rich,

    I've been looking at this bag since it was announced so your thread is SO WELCOME!! Thanks for posting such detailed information about the bag.

    My question to you is where did you find it? I didn't realize they had been released yet.

    Thanks much for posting this!

  11. It was post on DPReview last Sunday I think.

  12. Found them at Adorama and ordered one today.

    Thanks again!

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