Lowell Folk Festival (Part 1)

Discussion in 'People' started by Aqualung, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Today I went to the Lowell (Mass) Folk Festival w/ my wife, 2 daughters, and a friend of my youngest daughter. It was a hot day, but clouds came pretty frequently.

    The first group we saw was Tread (read about them here).

    With all the shadows on the stage, I decided to give Active D-Lighting (Normal) and matrix metering a try. Used my 17-55 & 70-200. C&C welcome, EXIF intact.

    1. Tread, a group that plays a mix of Irish - Canadian music. Harpist Triona Marshall, fiddler Jon Pilatzke and guitarist Jef McLarnon.

    2. Jon Pilatzke

    3. The woman is Cara Butler, the man is the fiddler's brother, Nathan Pilatzke..

    4. A good crowd


    6. Think this little one has the wrong festival :biggrin:

    7. There was a woman who uses hula hoops for fitness

    8. Giant pencil made of pencils

    9. My oldest getting some fried dough

    10. My youngest getting the last bite

    11. An enthusiastic fan
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  2. thanks Phil, it was a lot of fun, glad I went yesterday, w/ today's rain and all...
  3. wow! great images. I felt like I was there
  4. chris
    i LOVE this thread
    so many wonderful image
    i bet the music was awesome, as well
    the hula hoops
    the giant pencil
    how can you go wrong with FRIED DOUGH?

    awesome series
    thanks for taking us along with us
  5. No kidding, that was a huge storm that hit us between 3 and 4:30ish a.m.
  6. LOL, I missed the giant pencil pic last time, love the DoF.
  7. Spanky


    Nov 10, 2007
    You captured this event very well. Your photographs are top notch. Excellent.
  8. Thank you Dave...
    Thanks Greg, quite welcome! Ah, fried dough, didn't see any deep fried twinkies or snickers tho', LOL

    Hey thanks Phil. It actually worked, they were using it to make a drawing.

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