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LR2 adjustment brush slow?

Discussion in 'Adobe Processing Products' started by xrdbear, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Anyone else finding the adjustment brush very slow to respond? The bigger the brush, even moderate sizes and it's *very* slow on my dual 3.2GHz 4Gb machine running XP pro. I have the cache on a seperate internal drive but I don't think it is involved and Task manager doesn't suggest it is running out of memory.

    Anyone with such a problem found a solution?
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  2. It is slow on my dual core laptop as well.

    My solution is to use Capture NX for editing for now. It would be really nice if the edit brush features of LR2 worked as fast as the rest of the program.
  3. Phil Lee

    Phil Lee

    Jan 17, 2007
    Sale, UK
    Seems OK on my work PC running Vista. It's got a Core2 6600 running at 2.40GHz with 2Gb of RAM and a WEI of 5.3. I just fiddled around with colour and exposure. The only thing that was slightly slow was the viewing of the mask when you hover over the control point.
  4. Funnily enough I have no problem with the viewing of the mask. The worst situation seems to be if I have adjusted the exposure, using the brush, of a reasonably large area. The video I watched suggested using a larger adjustment than you want during painting and then trimming the effect afterward. I find that adjusting the exposure slider after the fact has a huge delay, 3-4 seconds, and if you were a little hesitant in moving the slider it can interpret this as multiple commands. Then you can get the adjustments coming in serially over more than 10 seconds :eek: (
  5. After more experiment I am finding LR2 more and more unusable if you try to use any of the new features, the only reason for paying for the upgrade. Institute a gradient and then try to use the adjustment brush and the program all but locks up making changes so slowly you never know when one operation is finished. According to task manager it's got plenty of spare memory to use, there is no disk thrashing going on and turning off the virus checker has no effect.

    I'm furious at the money I have just wasted.
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