LR2 Print Sharpening - too aggressive ?

Discussion in 'Adobe Processing Products' started by ianm, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Ran some test 4x6 prints through my HP B9180 and find that the only acceptable sharpening level is off - all others are much too aggressive. Anyone else seeing this ?
  2. Don't know about your printing setup but I just tried a print here with print sharpening set to standard, printing about 10x8 on enhanced matte on Epson R2400 and it looks about spot on. Sharp but with no halo.

    All I did to the shot was a little capture sharpening and no more. If you do sharpening beyond this I could see that the print sharpening could take it over the top.
  3. I do my normal sharpening in NX then use Nik Define 2.0 to do my output sharpening for print and the results are great.

  4. This was a RAW file opened in LR2 with default sharpening so if anything it was probably a bit soft prior to printing. I did uncheck the Print Resolution box which I think means the 9180 will print at maximum resolution.