Lucious Lips and sexy Eyes.....

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  1. .....sorry if you expected something different! :Crunk:
    I just wanted to share some recent "fly" portraits........

    "Luscious lips"


    "Sexy Eyes"


    Taken with D200, 60 micro and extension tubes, Lighted with GF on SB800.

    Thanks for looking. C&C appreciated! ​
  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Holey smokes that is close.:>)))

    Good work
  3. She's a cutie all right, outstanding Michael!
  4. That is amazing, great pic, hard to belive that is the 60MM, what was your F stop???
  5. Well I have to agree, those eyes are sexy. I'm starting to quiver. Great photos.
  6. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    Wow. They are sharp. I love the symmetry in #2 although it's a little unusual composition.
  7. Thanks for the comments! :biggrin:

    This fly was very cooperative, kept sitting still on my LCD and a Lowepro lenscase.....(nice fabric BTW).

    Yes only a few cm left from lens to fly, not easy to get enough light on it.....

    My wife felt different :Crunk:

    #1: f32
    #2: f22

    It seems the diffraction effects aren't visible until f40 with the 60 micro? Outstanding lens!

    Which one do you mean? this one or this or this or this..................:biggrin:

    Yes I know, but I wanted to get it as symmetrical as possible. :redface:
  8. Wow, you really got eye-to-eye with your subject, eh?! Wonderful images!
  9. That's not fair - to lay out a lubricant strip to fixate that fly :biggrin:

    Honestly, these are very very good!

    I have to go and find my PK-whatever ... it has to be somewhere.

  10. Cor. These a good. How did you get Harry to put his tongue like that!!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    LOl Bob F.

  11. ...not his Tongue, that's his lung! :Crunk: You can see all the tar from smoking! :eek::biggrin:

    No honest, it's the top of a Lowepro lenscase 4, nice fabric..........