Lucy The Lab

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Corsairvelo, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. I posted a couple of these in Creative Shoot #98 (B&W), but thought any Labrador fans might appreciate! I guess I would call these "Black Lab & White" :smile:


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    PP done in Capture NX2 with selective curves and sharpening where appropriate (the eyes).....

    Peter Guyton
  2. Very enjoyable!Sweet looking dog
  3. I like the first shot the best. The second would look better if the nose and teeth were in focus. Great looking dog BTW.
  4. Hey Peter... these are really good,
    but the first one is a real winner...
  5. Thanks all. The first one is my favorite as well. All were shot in open shade facing a bright area, that's why the eye reflections kind of pop.

    She's a very good "model", always willing to pose and will stand at attention for long periods (if food is sensed).

    Peter G.
  6. Great shots. The black ones are always a bit of a challenge, but you've done well. Nice catch light in the eyes :)