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Luna Moth

Discussion in 'Macro, Flowers, Insects, and Greenery' started by raian, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. I've been finding a lot of wings this summer but never an entire moth. Found this one this morning when I went out to feed my horses.



  2. just how many feet is that wing span?
  3. Good set, Linda. I've never had the pleasure of even seeing one of these:frown: [There are reports of sightings here, but I have not been so lucky.]
  4. Thanks Bob. I'm sure you have them as well, keep hunting!

    Glenn, the wing span was probably 5 inches, it's a good sized moth.
  5. Nice one...love the color! :biggrin:
  6. Thanks Will. Appreciate the comment!
  7. Nice series Linda - I hope someday to be lucky enough to find one of these in the wild

    their short life spans make it that much harder to catch them :( 
  8. Yep, how awesome to see one! Thanks for sharing these shots...
  9. Thanks Paul, Thanks Rich.

    Unfortunately by this afternoon, the moth was dead. Wow, they don't live long at all.
  10. nope not long at all :( 
  11. I guess we are lucky here to get three generations. I do see a lot of pieces of them in the mornings, but only a few whole insects. I have a light on at the barn that stays on all night and it attracts them.

  12. 6 feet glenn:biggrin:

    Nice shots Linda, we normally have a lot of these, but this year they have been very scarce here.

    Does the sex of the Luna have something to do with the antenna????
  13. I'm not sure about sexing them. Maybe someone else knows?
  14. I'm not sure about sexing them either but it's still early.:wink:

    found this.:

    look at the antenna on the head. if its a male it will have large well developed antenna with lots of hairs on them to catch a whiff of the female pheromone. the female antenna would be plain whip like.

    I would describe the female antenna is much narrower than the male anenna, but still rather feather-like in apperance.


    i'd guess male from above
  15. Thanks glenn, at my age I like to talk a lot about sex:smile: I thought I remember Harry or someone talking about the relationship of the antenna and the gender.
  16. Very cool images of one I have never seen. Well done, Vince
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