Jun 1, 2005
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
After many years we decided that I could modernize my 2012 13” MBP. It was still chugging along well, although the fan was getting a good workout during TEAMS video calls and the battery life was working up to its rated cycles, and WTH, it was an anniversary present. It arrived today, a week earlier than suggested by Apple, and the files are now being migrated.

My wife has an Air and the move from her MB was smooth. I suspect that I may be a bit overpowered for a while, but that’s okay, waiting for an M2 would really be too much Power.
Apr 21, 2006
Nashua, NH
I have the Intel 16 in MBP - 2020 version. I am looking for the 16 in M1 to arrive but just to look at. Mine MBP will last a few more years. :)
I have the M1 13" MBP with 1 TB SSD and 16 GB RAM and I love it! Speedy, cool (literally!) and great battery life. I am more than pleased with this machine, which I use as a supplement to my primary machine and also intend to use it for travel whenever I actually hit the road again.

I'm now waiting for the M2 MBPs to eventually come along, and one of the 16" ones will at some point replace my current 15" 2018 MBP, which is my primary do-everything machine, my wonderful workhorse. I have the 15" MBP hooked up to an external 24" LG Thunderbolt Display, which works really nicely for image editing as well as for everyday stuff. On a primary machine I really want and need more than two Thunderbolt ports, although definitely the two on my M1 MBP are a step up from the 12" MacBook's sole USB-C port!

Mark, enjoy your new M1 MBP! I think you'll really be amazed by it.
Jun 26, 2010
Redwood City, CA
My old MBP was killed by a contractor induced flooding incident a couple of months ago. I now have new one - it's faster, but a mixed bag. The Apple mouse is Blue-Tooth and rechargeable - but it charges with standard USB to Apple Proprietary, but the Mac only has USB-C.

Battery life is longer, but not really very long. I got a relatively upgraded 13 inch. I do like the slightly lower weight and thinness.
When I set up my M1 MBP because I was not planning to use it as a replacement for my other machine, I simply went through the categories and folders on my 15" MBP and copied just the ones I wanted to an external SSD, which I then plugged into the new M1 once I'd done the initial setting up of it. That worked out well for me. Actually, even if the new machine had been intended to be a replacement for the older machine I still would have followed this process anyway rather than using Migration Assistant or whatever it's called. I simply copy the relevant folders from the categories (Documents, Movies, Music, Pictures) and put them into the appropriate locations in the new machine. This, along with using iCloud for immediately setting up email, bookmarks, keychain, etc., works very nicely and gives me a nice clean new machine free of any cruft that may have been hanging around in an older one. We all have our different approaches to setting up a new machine.....

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