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Mac Air

Discussion in 'Apple/Mac' started by MikEm13, Dec 7, 2018.

  1. Im replacing my old MacAir laptop and Im thinking about the new MacAir. This would save me some money on the MacPro.

    I will configure it with 16gb ram and 512 gb drive.

    When Im away form home I download my photos to Capture 1 on the MacAir. With the larger files of the Z7 Raw Im wondering if the new MacAir will have enough processor speed. I realize it will work but I don't want to sit and watch paint dry. I just do some temporary processing until I get back home then move the files to the iMac.

    I just thought I would post this and hopefully get your opinions.
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  2. This may or may not matter to you, but the new MacBook Air will have only two USB-C ports, both on the same side of the machine, and of course one of those ports will need to be used for charging. Personally I find it preferable to have a machine plugged into a power source while doing something like transferring files to an external drive. Do you usually offload from the memory card reader to an external drive? Do you like to transfer data between two external drives? In either situation, it might be better to consider a MacBook Pro...... Also, the retina screen on the new MBA, while somewhat of an improvement over the older non-retina MBAs, is still not all that great according to reports I've read. I think that the processors in the new MacBook Pros are more powerful than what is being used in the MacBook Air, and ditto for the graphics.
  3. Thanks Richard.

    I agree the two ports do bother me some.

    I will be connecting the XQD reader to the Mac first. Then if time allows possibly do some lite post work. When arriving home I will move the images to my iMac.
  4. Erm...... My name is actually Connie! :) . You must've gotten the "Richard" from the quotation in my sig file. ?? (Don't worry, you're not the first person to have made this mistake!).

    Actually.....in thinking about this port situation some, I recall that on my last trip a couple of weeks ago, I shot a lot of images and wanted to load everything into my 12" MacBook for safekeeping (while still also retaining the images on the SD cards for transfer to the larger computer once home again). The 12" MacBook has only one USB-C port. Period. Full stop. Even though the machine was not plugged in for charging, I was able to successfully load it with the contents of three different SD cards, each with many image files. I also was able to quickly review all the images, but did not do any image processing. So you probably would not need to worry about keeping the MacBook Air plugged in while transferring data -- the new retina MacBook Air is more powerful than the 12" MacBook. Although again, chances are that your image files will be significantly larger than mine were. Unless the QXD card reader has a USB-C connector you will need an adapter, of course. Before my trip I had purchased Apple's new USB-C SD card reader, both for use with the 12" MacBook and the 15" 2018 MacBook Pro.

    Since my return home I have now bought the 2018 15" MBP and I am using it as a sort of desktop replacement. Frequently I like to transfer data between two external SSDs so for me having four ports on the machine is important. That's why I mentioned the two ports on the MBA and that fact that they are both on the same side of the machine, which might be awkward, depending upon how close together they are positioned.
  5. Sorry Connie. Your correct I did get the name Richard from the sig area.

    what app do you load your photos to on the 12" Mac?

    Your new MBP is it 8 or 16gb mem? What processor did you get?

    I feel like an endless pit of questions.

  6. Asking questions is the best way to learn!! It's important, especially when making an expensive and important purchase such as a computer. I first started thinking about the 2018 MBP back in July when they were first released, but kept reading and waiting, reading and waiting, asking questions on MacRumors, reading and waiting....and then just as I was about to make the leap, Apple went and added two new graphics options, so then I found myself waiting some more, reading and waiting.....Professional and user reviews and comments are indeed most helpful. This past Tuesday the waiting came to an end as I went to my local Apple store and at last bought the computer.

    I don't use an app to import image files into either my MacBook or my MacBook Pro..... I plug in the card reader and then in Finder create a folder on the desktop for the images, and then after that I can take them into whatever app I want for culling, reviewing or actual editing of the images. I've been using Luminar a lot, as I never could quite get the hang of Capture One Pro 11, and now the latter has a new version out but I'm not going to upgrade to it, at least right now; I will try and spend more time with the version I have on the older machine so that I can decide if I want to keep pursuing it as an editing tool. I am looking forward to seeing what Skylum has to bring us with their new version of Luminar 3, which will for the first time include a DAM, later this month.

    My new 2018 MBP is a real speed demon! She is 15", Space Grey, with i9 processor, I TB SSD storage, 32 GB RAM, and the new Vega 20 graphics. I will be using her as my primary machine from now on. Have not yet decided on whether or not I will also get an external monitor to use with her, which would be useful with extensive image processing. I've only just recently gotten back into doing much shooting at all and am still experimenting with the direction I want to go now. Back in 2015 when I bought the then-current 15" MBP I wasn't doing a lot with photography and somehow never felt the need to add an external monitor. It's a little different now and things are changing.....

    The older 2015 15" MBP has a configuration of i7/512 GB SSD storage/16 GB RAM, so in her day she was no slouch, either, and at age three still can pretty well hold her own. The 2017 12" MacBook, the one which is my traveling companion, is maxed out, too, with i7/512 GB SSD storage/16 GB RAM. That lone port on the MacBook can be a pain but most of the time I'm not doing a lot of photography when traveling so the MacBook does well enough when I do need to import images into the machine for reviewing and as a temporary backup. If I traveled extensively and took a lot of photos on all my travels I would purchase a 2018 13" MacBook Pro, as it is both relatively lightweight (although not as light as either the MacBook or the MacBook Air) and powerful, plus I believe can be maxed out to a greater extent than the 2018 MacBook Air if one wants to do that.

    Hope this clarifies a few things for you...... As anyone who has been around here a long time can tell you, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Apple Fan Girl, no question about that!
  7. Thank you Connie. My first home computer was the Apple ll.

    Im starting to lean toward the MBP. I feel confidant that it would do what I want and the money difference isn't all that much. The more I think about it I could use more then 2 ports.

    Im accustomed to the 13' screen so the size won't be a problem. Apple specs say the MBP (13") is 3.02lbs and the MBAir is 2.75lb. So weight isn't a factor to me.

    Thanks again
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2018
  8. tenplanescrashing


    Oct 15, 2008
    There really isn't a need for the air now that the 13" mbp is well within the size/weight realm of the air. The air line needs to go away.
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  9. I very often use three ports: one for charging and the other two for transferring data between two external drives. Sure, I could probably do this without also simultaneously charging the machine, but it just feels safer to do it with the machine plugged in even as I am doing the other stuff, which of course is also RAM-intensive. I realized today that while at times with my older machine and 16 GB RAM I still felt the need to reboot and therefore refresh the RAM, that with this new machine and its 32 GB RAM things did not slow down at all even as I was doing some RAM-intensive stuff. Cool! She didn't break a sweat. Even at that, though, purely out of habit, once I'd finished that task, which had followed other activity on this machine, I did reboot anyway! LOL!

    Frankly, yes, if I were looking to do the things you've mentioned and were looking for something to be an effective traveling machine capable of handling inputs of image files and so on, plus at least some initial culling and image manipulation, I would be aiming for a 13" MBP as opposed to the new MBA, as from what I have seen, the processor is stronger in the MBP and there are more ports available, etc., etc. IMHO in the end the 13" is a much more flexible and versatile machine. More bang for the buck!
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