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Mac question

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by mike mac, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Trough my company and primary vendor I have won my choice of a new Apple system. Being a PC guy my Mac knowledge is limited I was wondering if anyone could chime in on these systems ability to handle Capture and CS2 handling D2X files and which system they would choose. I know I need to purchase Capture and CS2 for MAC but was wondering what other software might be need to process digital files and can I share files between my PC network and Mac?
    My system my choices are:

    Product Name: PowerBook 17" 1.67GHz

    2GB DDR333 SDRAM - 2 SO-DIMMs

    100GB Ultra ATA drive @ 5400rpm

    8x SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)

    AirPort Extreme Card

    Backlit Keyboard/Mac OS - U.S. English

    Apple 20: Cinema Display Flat panel


    Power Mac G5 Dual 2 .0GHZ

    Power Mac G5 Dual 2GHz

    Apple Cinema HD Display (23" flat panel

    Dual 2GHz PowerPC G5

    2GB DDR400 SDRAM (PC3200) - 4x512

    250GB Serial ATA - 7200rpm

    16x SuperDrive double-layer (DVD+RDL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

    NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT DDL w/256MB GDDR3 SDRAM

    Bluetooth Module + Apple Wireless Keyboard & Mouse -

    U.S. English

    Mac OS X - U.S. English

    Accessory kit
  2. If you care about speed, get the dual G5. The powerbook is a much slower machine.

    The real question is do you want a laptop or a desktop?

    Sharing files, etc. is very simple. If one machine is to serve up files to the other, do that from the Mac side as it is safer.

    I tend to use firewire drives formatted for Windows to move very large amounts of data around, and day to day stuff using simple file sharing.
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  3. dagored


    May 4, 2005

    The 17 inch pb is nice but too big to be a convenient carry around laptop. I have the 15 and it is nice, but I am very careful with it. The iBook I had last year was more rugged.

    Now for what you want to do, get the dual G5. If you can, max out the RAM. that is the secret, espically with CS2.

    Get a G tech drive to share files, or set up a Mac mini as a server and everyone can attack it ( I do not know your company's setup, just throwing things out:


    That is assuming, the PC has a firewire card(400). The G5 will do both 400 and 800.
  4. Many drives will do USB2 and firewire, and all of my PCs have firewire 400 on the motherboard as well.

    The mini does make a nice little server. I have one myself.

    I agree that the iBook plastic is much tougher than the metal. Pretty silly that. I want the top end Powerbooks to be made of plastic again!
  5. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    For speed, get the G5.. for portability the 17" is a lot big and heavy... The 15" is what I have for my portable and I have a older Dual 1.25 G4 for my desktop.
    I mainly use PS CS2 and I catalog my pictures using Kodak's EasyShare software. I like it better than iPhoto personally.
    I think you will love your new mac once you get it and wonder why you took so long to switch.

  6. iPhoto is getting better every year.
  7. Thanks all I appreciate the help ended up with a:
    G5 2.0 dual processor
    2 GIG memory 2X1 GIG
    2 160 GIG HD
    6800 Graphics Card
    23" Apple Cinema Display
    Should be here next week hopefully I am sure I will have a zillion questions after it arrives
  8. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Very nice system Mike! I've used a dual 2 G5 a lot, and they are sweet!

    One thing I'm curious about, is why Airport? My girlfriend has Airport for her desktop, with the idea she may want to temporarily move the computr to a different location (it's a 17" iMac G5) but the wireless connection has been a bit of trouble. It often wants to lock onto her next-door neighbor's network instead of hers. Maybe try and situate the broadcast antenna near the computer to be sure it's the strongest signal.
  9. I believe that machine comes with an airport xmitter.
  10. Chris
    I am anxious to try out the new machine I have been in ITT since 1986 and this is my first MAC.
    This system was a prize in a drawing with my system vendor, so I took what they gave me I did configure it a little different they wanted 4 X 512 Dimms and I asked for 2 X1 GIG so there is room for expansion. Thanks for the tips any other tips on how to make capture and CS2 run well would be appreciated
  11. I dont know but I know it was on the spec sheet they sent me
  12. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Capture is inherently slow on a Mac, but it won't be on that one. CS2 flies. I have heard there is an advantage to using a drive that is not the startup or application drive hold the scratch disk. Probably so that it can take advantage of the second processor and use it in the background without beng interrupted.
  13. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Oh, and ps, We Applephiles say Mac, not MAC, cause it's more personal, like the computer has a name, ya know.

    You'll probably want to grow a pony-tail too. :wink:
  14. dbirdsong

    dbirdsong Guest

    Or maybe shave your head like me :biggrin:
  15. It is more that the drive that holds the OS is constantly being accessed by the kernel, etc. Especially to manage file and memory paging.

    So moving it to another drive reduces the likelyhood that any io that CS does will be interrupted. Drives and the buses they talk on are much faster when they do one thing at a time.

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