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Apr 8, 2008
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I just watched this video by Tim Grey regarding the Xume magnetic filter adapters.

You attach a lens adapter on the lens and then attach an adapter ring to your filter. Then you can simply pop the filter on and off the lens without having to screw it on. This would be a great tool for using very dark ND filters ...since you could compose the scene then put the ND on without worrying about inadvertently changing the zoom or focus.


Possible strong vignetting when using focal lengths wider than 30mm
Normal lens cap will not work with the magnetic lens adapter. Xume does offer a magnetic lens cap.
A little pricey - 1 lens adapter and 2 filter adapters for 77mm lens is $57

B&H carries the Xume products
Dec 3, 2012
N Idaho
I think I saw one of these in use in a Youtube video I was watching. Looks pretty good, but the vignetting would worry me as I'd like to put it on my 24-70. I was about to post a "Anyone tried this" note and I saw your post Karen.
Nov 14, 2005
Winter Haven, florida
Brooks Jensen, lenswork author, was just talking about these. He has one on "every" lens he has. He uses it to make the lens caps easier to take on and off with the lens hood in place. Glues a short piece of string with a couple of knots on the lens cap. Pull on the string to take the cap off, just drop the cap in to magnetically put it back on. Worked well, for him. Not me cup of tea.

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