MagSafe To Return

I have mixed feelings about this, actually. While the MagSafe used in the past was OK, it was not something which mattered significantly to me one way or the other. I didn't miss it when it was gone. I rather like the fact that with a standard USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 cable which is inserted into the charging plug, one can plug into any of the appropriate ports on one's device, so that if one is in a room where there is a wall plug handy on the left side or on the right side, the user can plug into whichever is more convenient.

Also, someone on MacRumors suggested that perhaps this new Magsafe charging cable/device will be similar to the system now being used to charge the new iPhones: rather than plugging into an available port on the computer it could somehow be positioned on/over the Apple logo on the back of the machine and the charging would be done that way. Ugh, I can't imagine anything which would look uglier! I seriously hope that this is not the plan......
Apr 30, 2005
Southern Cal
I agree with you Connie.
I do not like the iPhone MagSafe charger.
The article did mention the one for the new Macbooks would be similar to the elongated pill-shaped design. We'll have to see what they come up with.
Oct 9, 2005
Moscow, Idaho
If you are around many others, as I used to be when teaching or in labs, a mag-safe connection can be a lifesaver if a klutz trips over a power cable. I've seen several laptops crash to a hard floor!

Yes, I do like the USB-C for its ambidexterity!
Surly a few billion dollars of cash reserves can find an acceptable design! :rolleyes:
I hear the "beloved" touch bar may be going the way of the dodo!
Mar 25, 2011
To be honest on the design front Apple is no longer leading.
I am super impressed with what Asus is offering, dual displays, touch, ultralight with superb graphics and mobile eGPU on top.
Lots of great ideas.
From what I am reading, it will be another 24 months before we get the new game changing designs, focus being on the M-processor transition until then.
Oct 15, 2008
I prefer the magsafe charger over USB-C. My work laptop uses USB-C and i've nearly bent it several times whereas my personal laptop has magsafe and it tucks neatly behind the computer as it's the side charging version.
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