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  1. I didn't actually set this one up, I was going to check my mail and found this exactly as shown :

  2. ZBaum

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    Nicely done. I love the composition and idea, but I think it could use just a little more PP. Try bringing up the highlights in the levels histogram (if you check the histogram, you'll see an empty space on the right side), and then also the same using curves (bring up the right side of the line along the far right dotted line in the curves dialog box). I can post up my version if you'd like to see.
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  4. Sure, I'd like to see it. I actually didn't do much PP on this one at all... only the sat. adjustment.
  5. ZBaum

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    Here's my version. I did the levels and curves adjustments, and then cloned out the small strip of shiny metal that was visible inside the shadowed area so that the viewer can't really tell how far back the darkness goes. I also bumped up the saturation just a touch to make the flower pop a bit more.


    Let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Very nice, I like it much better. I just didnt really take much care in editing this picture. I'll have to go back and re edit it. Thanks!
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