Major D200/CLS problem

My D200 is behaving erratically in CLS.

Situation: D200 with SB800 shoe mounted (normally I have on ext cable). Mode is manual. 2 SB00s set to remote and also in manual.

First problem: after shooting a couple of test shots, I started getting black frames. D200 battery was low. Changed it along with all SB batteries.

Second problem: If Master 800 is fired (even at 128th power) the output of the SBs drops to almost nothing. If I select --- (Master off) then the SBs provide plenty of power. Cannot get Master 800 and remotes to work to gether.

I have changed batteries, changed lenses, cleaned lens contacts, and performed the 2 button reset. Also swapped out a second 800 to act as master.

I suspect this is a camera logic problem. Any ideas on how to fix this? Is there any other reset available? I have been searching but can't find a hard reset.

Thanks in advance.

Everything seems to be working after letting things sit over night.

Still, if anyone has any ideas on what can cause (and cure) erratic CLS control problems with a D200 I would love hear about it. I have church directory shoots scheduled over the next 3 weeks and running into this kind of a problem does not inspire confidence.