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  1. I have been watching Doug Gardner on PBS, I learned something today, I have a back yard habitat, and love my 500mmFL, I was hoping to use it for song birds but may not be able to get far enough away for minimum focus, Doug Gardner says to put an extension tube behind the lens and now instead on 20ft being Min focus it is now 12 feet, just using example numbers, it all depends on which extension tubes you use.............

    any one try this?
  2. Like many "bug" shooters, I've been using a 300mm with extension tubes for years. Lots of working distance so as not to disturb the subject and a nice large, sharp image. I have the older f4 with an aperture ring so I can use the old nikon AI tubes - PK-xx and PN-11. You'd need something with electrical contacts.

  3. Larry are the tubes metered, I can,t find any with metered connections. All I see would be for older lenses.
  4. BrianDW


    May 14, 2014
    Portsmouth UK
    Like Larry, I have used the Kenko ones with a Nik 300mm AF-S f4D plenty of times. No problems with passing electronic data from the lens, and it's not as if you have to worry about optics.
  5. I’d rather use a tc
    I didn’t like the wiggling or Af of the tubes
  6. I was thinking about that, surprising Nikon dosnt make one. The tc will get me closer than I want wish I had my 300 back.
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