Making new photos look aged

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by Clivegriff, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. With some basic PhotoShop knowledge and a little patience it's fairly straightforward to renovate an old photograph.

    For example:

    From this...


    to this...

    View attachment 7545

    But a monthly magazine here in the UK, the May edition of Digital Photo, includes a tutorial for going in the opposite direction.

    From this...

    View attachment 7546

    to this...

    View attachment 7547

    Whaddya think guys?
  2. Clive, I love the second example. It really brought a smile to my face. Well done my friend.
  3. WOW Clive, that is outstanding. :D :D :D
  4. Thanks Gordon and Bryan.

    The little guy is my 3yo grandson and as I'm always telling him, "my favourite boy in the whole world".

    His parents (my son and daughter-in-law) are both delighted to be carrying around an "ancient" pic of their first-born in their wallets.
  5. Hi Clive,

    Hey is it possible to post the tutorial. I love PS and would like to learn to do the same thing.

    Nice work and I can see that the you are very good with PS. I only ever did one retouch of an old pic. Thank God that was not a hard one.
  6. Excellent work Clive! It is really fascinating to bring to "life" these old pictures. I've done all my genealogical tree (some 80 old photos) and I remember I brought many tears to many eyes... :roll:
    Well done! :)
  7. Thanks, Melissa.

    PS is one of those programs where you never stop learning. There is always something new or a better way of doing things.

    BTW: I've PM'd you. :wink:
  8. Thanks, Panos.

    My wife and I have reasearched our family tree and have recorded literally hundreds (if not thousands!) of forebears but unfortunately we have very, very few photographs of them.

    Restored old photos really add to the geneological perspective, don't they?
  9. Clive,

    Do you mind sharing step-by-step instructions how you handled new to old conversion ?
  10. Hi Jay

    I've just sent you a PM.
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