*Male/female hummer flight competition*

Discussion in 'Birds' started by coffee, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. I almost always see male Costa's hummingbirds in my yard but I hardly see female ones.
    But when I was taking hummer shots, this female hummer( #2,3) showed up. She wasn't used to flashes,
    so when I fired the flashes she flew away but in a few seconds,she came back again.
    Though every time the flashes fired, she seemed to be a bit scared but she determined to stay
    to get her food and she stayed around the flower for more than 10 sec. And when a male hummer showed up,
    he always chased her away.


    D300,300F4 AFS
    SB800/600, 3 SB 26s
    1/250s, f/20, iso 640


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