Manchester Phoenix

Post 5 or 6 of what you deem your best shots here
Most people will ignore links to galleries you will get more feedback
Great shots Phil. I imagine you have fun trying to sort out the contrast between the players and the ice.. always fun ! I'm also guessing that the light in the arena was not optimal given the ISO you have used. IMO, the shots seem a little soft and perhaps the WB may need some tweaking. Not sure if the lens is the clulprit as I have not had the pleasure of this particular glass. I shoot a lot of basketball in pro arena's and I've found that even though I love my 24-70/2.8 and the 'story' that it conveys, tighter cropping also helps the end result. Interested in the viewer that you used to portray these images.. is it part of your website or a third party product ?

generated from lightroom :)

The lens is fantastically sharp, but can't get sharp shots all the time at the hockey as sometimes it's a little fast for 1/640 and 300/2.8 is way out of my price range

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